Upgrading to Infor M-3

The business world is going through one of the most significant changes ever. It’s not just about digital disruption anymore. There are many other factors in play, creating even more opportunities than threats.

Driving this change is a wave of upcoming new technologies, including AI and IoT – staying ahead of these changes will ensure you have a future-ready business.

One of the most critical pieces of building a business for the future is investing in a modern technology foundation – and that means upgrading to Infor M3 on-premise.

Read on to understand how getting your business on the latest version of Infor M-3 can help you be part of tomorrow’s new digital economy.

Better Insight to Make Better Decisions

In 2019, the worldwide cloud computing market size was approximately $266.0 billion.

Infor M-3 Cloud is the only platform built for future growth, with more connectivity, speed and automation tools that are 100 per cent mobile ready – that means better insight to make better decisions.

The Infor M-3 Cloud platform provides customers with the mobile capability to manage their business anytime, anywhere, on any device.

The modern user interface (UI) will help your team work more brilliantly while tapping into our local cloud database that ensures fast access to information and analysis without waiting for connections. Users have constant access to the tools and data they need in Infor M-3 from anywhere.

Improve Operational Agility for a Faster Response to Changing Needs

Infor M-3 Cloud has been built with one primary objective: To give you better visibility into your business at all times with faster response to changing needs.

Infor M-3 Cloud is a robust platform that can transform your business by providing you with an integrated, real-time view of the customers who fuel it – anytime, anywhere.

Infor M-3 Cloud offers a simple and intuitive environment for users to manage their day-to-day tasks – from sales orders to warehouse replenishments – plus access to real-time information for timely decision making.

Seamless Integration Helps Your Team Work Smarter

If you consider upgrading to Infor M-3, you can rest assured that your current data will be seamlessly integrated into the cloud when you make the switch.

Infor M-3 Cloud is built on a unified platform that is highly scalable and customisable to your business needs. That means easy integration for your current applications, data and more – built with APIs and native integrations to connect with other popular apps like Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft Office 365 and Google G Suite.

Infor M-3 Cloud has the scalability of the cloud to grow with your business, without additional capital or hardware investments.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

By 2020, 50 per cent of all mobile searches will be for local information – that’s why businesses need to focus on being more relevant to their customers, wherever they are in the world.

Infor M-3 Cloud has the industry-specific features to help your business win locally. It also has global coverage and enhances listings with accurate and readily available information so businesses can increase visibility and better compete in significant cities worldwide, including enhanced Google and Bing local search presence for SMBs.

Boost Customer Satisfaction with Faster Access to Information at Their Fingertips

Around 60 per cent of customers say they’ll pay more for a better customer service experience. That means you need to make sure your customers can find the information they want right when they want it.

Infor M-3 Cloud has a mobile app to help you give your customers the information they need when they need it. It’s easy to use and available from anywhere – so that means no more blackouts or holidays affecting customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

Infor M-3 Cloud will give you a more modern and adaptable business system built for the future of your industry, so you can connect with your customers, increase operational agility and give them the information they need at their fingertips. It means better insight to make better decisions – all from one unified platform.