5 Best Platforms for Dropshippers That You Must Know

In today’s internet-driven world, dropshipping is insanely profitable because it provides an efficient and smart way for profit generation. 

Dropshipping might seem a little daunting initially because of the effort associated with setting up an eCommerce store. But, it gets a lot easier if you pick the right dropshipping platform for your business. 

To make your decision a little easier, we will compare the 5 best platforms for dropshipping in 2021. 

Shopify – Best User-Friendly eCommerce Platform

Shopify is popular among dropshippers because of its dropshipping-friendly integrations. It’s budget-friendly and boasts over 150,000 active sellers on the platform. 

Pros of Shopify: 

  • Integrations like Oberlo make it easier to import products from AliExpress to your store
  • Sell internationally on Shopify as it supports multiple languages and currencies
  • Shopify store is customizable to match your product and it comes with customizable CSS

Con of Shopify: 

  • Difficult to migrate your Shopify store to other platforms because Shopify runs on its own source code 

Wix – Best DIY Platform

With Wix, you can drag and drop almost everything to capture the eyes of your visitors. It has amazing in-built tools for marketing and lead generation that make your dropshipping business a lot easier. 

Pros of Wix: 

  • Comes with an  in-built Image Editor along with Text Editor and Free Fonts
  • Increases customer engagement by interacting with visitors via Wix Ascend live chat 
  • Its in-built form helps you collect contact details and ask for product or store feedback

Con of Wix: 

  • Shifting your dropshipping store to another website impossible because Wix doesn’t allow site migration

Bigcommerce – Best Big-Business friendly Platform 

BigCommerce platform works great with medium to large dropshipping stores as it offers tons of advanced features needed for sustaining a large dropshipping store. 

Pros of BigCommerce: 

  • BigCommerce brings the fastest web browsing experiences for your dropshipping store visitors using the  Google Cloud Platform for hosting
  • Teamwork gets easier with BigCommerce because of its unlimited staff accounts on any plan 
  • Bulk pricing and product editing options to organize store inventory

Con of BigCommerce: 

  • SEO options are a little complex on BigCommerce 

WooCommerce – Your WordPress Store’s Best Friend

WooCommerce is a plugin that you can use to convert your WordPress website into an eCommerce store.  Just because so many websites are made on WordPress, WooCommerce automatically has a great number of eCommerce stores on it. 

Pros of WooCommerce: 

  • WooCommerce is completely free to use
  • Automating your marketing campaigns gets simpler with WooCommerce’s integrations 
  • Use your blogging content from WordPress to convert a large number of visitors into customers

Cons of WooCommerce: 

  • Installing a lot of plugins and extensions on your WooCommerce store decreases the overall experience of your eCommerce store

You can read also our full Shopify Vs WooCommerce article on our blog conversionskitchen.com. 

Squarespace – Best Design-friendly Platform 

Squarespace gives your dropshipping store an aesthetic look. It’s an amazing platform for those dropshippers who love designing and want their website to look as good as the products they’re selling.

Pros of Squarespace: 

  • Announcement bars to attract store visitor’s attention
  • Abandoned cart recovery for skyrocketing sales
  • Custom Redirects from social media handles can increase overall visitors to your store

Cons of Squarespace: 

  • It lacks a depth of navigation that’s needed for larger inventories 

Which Is the Best Platform for Dropshipper? 

After analyzing the top 5 eCommerce platforms, Shopify is the clear winner for dropshipping businesses because it offers a bunch of integrations. 

Such a powerful integration gives you an easy way to import products from wholesalers. By the way, Shopify is giving away a 14-day free trial. Why don’t you have it? 

Written by Michael from Conversionskitchen.com for more free dropshipping tutorials and marketing tutorials visit our website.