Monday Software vs Asana Software

A project management platform is designed to improve business operations and boost efficiency by offering planning, customizing, organizing, and assigning tools. It also helps users track tasks, collaborate on projects, and complete deliverables. Choosing between Monday software vs Asana software is important when it comes to businesses, especially since the pandemic. It is important to find the best platform to ensure the smooth running of operations. This article answers all questions related to the software and helps businesses choose the most suitable option for their use. and Asana – Overview is a work management tool that includes features that help organize and view all upcoming tasks. It has a time tracking tool, automation options, task updates, reporting templates, advanced analytics, and onboarding features to help teams get started. It is a great software for organizing work in an efficient manner.

Asana software on the hand is a popular solution trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry. It is used by companies across the world and is available to teams in 190 countries. Businesses can work remotely and get access to the features that help small or large businesses manage their projects. It has a wide range of features from task assigning, collaboration, and built-in templates to data exporting. The integration options and automation features are an added bonus.

Monday Software vs Asana Software – Features

Project Management

It is important to compare and Asana project management based on the core features offered by the platform. A quick overview shows that each software has the same functionalities which cover workflow management, task management, and project management. Each one of them uses an entirely different approach to make daily operations easier and work more manageable for the company.  

One of the most important features of project management software is task management. Asana helps users create and assign tasks as well as add comments to the cards. They can also keep track of time spent completing the task, and priorities associated with them, and get notifications related to any upcoming deadlines. The software is used to organize a team and individual efforts, which means it can be a great facilitator of collaboration. also provides task management options and everything can be organized from the same dashboard. Managers can assign tasks, add deadlines, monitor their status, and post comments. They can also view the tasks included in the Gantt charts, timeline, or calendar view according to their preferences. There are many customization options especially when it comes to automation.  

Another important feature offered by both Monday software vs Asana software is workflow management. This means they help users assign tasks and monitor their progress from the same window. There are other tools for project viewing as well which help keep track of the percentage of work done and how many responsibilities are assigned to each member. 

Asana makes it easier to view tasks in different formats and it offers additional viewing options for portfolios and goals. has the dashboard, Gantt chart, workload, timeline, table, Kanban board, and workload view. Time tracking is also an important part of workflow management and have built-in features for that but with Asana users have to integrate third-party software. Luckily for them, Asana offers more than 200 integration options while only provides support for a few dozen. 

Pricing demo offers three paid plans and a free version. The basic plan pricing starts at $8 per user per month and for enterprise pricing, the company needs to be contacted directly. Asana also offers a free version and the premium plan starts at $13.49 per user per month whereas enterprise pricing is available as a customized quote. 

Since both platforms offer a free plan, they are on an equal footing. allows only 2 members to collaborate on the free version but Asana allows teams of up to 15 members. Asana also provides free file storage for free which is an advantage to users.  

Software Integration 

Those who want to integrate the demo with other software should be on the standard paid plan. They can get up to 250 integration actions on the package, which is more than enough for small teams. Connecting the system with an email client such as Outlook or Gmail requires access to the pro or enterprise plan which has enough actions per month to synchronize the email. 

Asana offers more than 100 integration options and support for popular tools such as Slack, Jira cloud, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Gmail, and others on the free version. This means users do not need to upgrade to access third-party software through the platform. 

Automation offers automation on the standard plan, which provides access to 250 automation options. This plan is recommended for those who only rely on automation occasionally. Upgrading to the pro plan will provide access to 250,000 automation actions. This is an adequate number for those who want to use automation on a daily basis.  

In terms of Monday software vs Asana software, Asana also has automation options and there are a pre-determined set of rules and triggers users can choose from the gallery. They can also create their own rules using the ‘Custom Rule Builder”.  

Time Tracking has a time tracking feature which allows users to keep track of the time they spend on every task. Asana does not have a built-in time tracking option but it can be integrated with other software to avail the feature.  


This detailed comparison of Monday software vs Asana software should help readers make a decision. They can collaborate, communicate, and integrate on a much greater scale with Asana but it is only suitable for those businesses that want to work with remote teams. is much better for handling recurring tasks, task management, beginners to project management, and customer support. It has drag-and-drop tools, built-I templates, project budgeting, cost estimation, and Gantt charts.  

It is difficult to say one is better than the other and businesses should make their decision based on their personal preferences.