Casein Protein

Much like whey, casein protein is derived from milk, and it makes up 80 percent of the protein found in milk. There are many reasons to try this protein powder, and you’re about to discover the top five benefits.

Increased Muscle Mass

While every protein powder helps with muscle production, casein protein powder is different. Consuming this right before bed can slow digestion and ensure your body has a consistent flow of amino acids while you recover. Your body releases growth hormones while you sleep. Protein is needed for optimal growth hormone release, so casein is ideal for this.

According to Legion Athletics, “for pre-bed nutrition, take 1 serving 30 to 60 minutes before going to sleep.” It’s that easy, and it can make a world of difference.

Improved Fat Loss

This benefit applies to both casein and whey protein powders. Research suggests that casein protein, resistance training, and a calorie-controlled diet can protect your lean muscle mass while promoting fat loss. This means that you’ll lose fat without losing muscle.

While this is still being thoroughly researched, many people have found this to be accurate as they maintain their muscles through casein.

Enhanced Recovery

As you may know by now, muscle fibers are damaged while you exercise. It’s this damage that leads to muscle growth, but you’re sore in the meantime. Your body recruits available amino acids and proteins to repair the muscle while making it more prominent than before.

All protein powders help with this, but casein is unique because it takes longer to digest. This means that the amino acids will be available longer, which can aid in your recovery. You’ll find that you often recover faster, and casein will protect the lean muscle mass that wasn’t damaged during your workout.

Aids Dental Hygiene

This is a surprising benefit, but casein can actually help with your dental health. Other dairy proteins are known to help your teeth as the calcium, hydroxide and phosphate contents can improve tooth enamel. It also protects against damage and acid erosion.

Another benefit is that casein may form a shield so that bacteria has a harder time attaching to your tooth. While brushing and flossing are still recommended of course, you may want to consider casein to keep your teeth strong.

More Than a Drink

When you hear about protein powders, most people immediately think of protein shakes and smoothies. A lot of people like shakes and smoothies, and they are simple to make. Just pour the powder in some water or milk, mix it up and enjoy your protein. At the same time, some people get bored with this or don’t want to drink their protein.

Casein protein powder is very versatile as it can be used in other recipes with ease. You can make cookies, bars, muffins and much more.

Casein has some unique benefits that you won’t find with other protein powders. If you want to enhance your recovery and overall muscle mass, then consider adding casein to your protein regimen.