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The bail bond process can take a long time when someone has been arrested because there is a lot of red tape involved to process a person in jail. No matter the reason for the arrest, the bail bond process is regulated by the court so you have specific avenues to work with. The first step is to remain calm and not panic. These situations are easy to deal with if you know how to navigate the system. Take note of these five tips to help speed up the process with as little stress as possible.

Meet with the Judge

Bail cannot be set by the court until you have appeared in front of an appointed judge to look into the details of the arrest. The judge will listen to your side of the story and review the evidence to determine how much bail must be set. This is an appointment that cannot be missed.

If, for any reason, you do not show up to court, there could be harsh repercussions. The judge could decide to not post bail at all, in which case you will spend all your time behind bars until your case is looked at. Once you know how much you need to pay to post your bail, you can decide whether you can pay it yourself, or if you need assistance.

Timing Is Everything

The next step when you or someone you know is arrested, is to get hold of a bail bondsman. Fortunately, the system is well managed in America, and bail bond services are available all day, every day. You won’t be subjected to waiting overnight or the weekend because the office is closed.

The bail bond process is fairly straightforward, as long as you have the money available. The only way that you will spend more time in jail is if you simply don’t post your bail. Bail bond requests are processed at an alarming speed, so these businesses must operate 24/7. They also want their customers to know that they won’t have to sit behind bars for an extra night or two. This includes public holidays and major events like Christmas. You can rest assured that you don’t have to wait unnecessarily.

Elect a Reliable Bail Bondsman

When it comes to processing your bail, you want the best of the best. A good bail bondsman will meet you at the precinct to post your bail and also try to calm your nerves. They understand the stress that you are under so it is their top priority to process your paperwork as soon as is humanly possible.

You will agree with the bail bondsman to pay them back a percentage of your overall bail amount if they can front you the money and send you home. If you are curious about the finer details of the process, check out E Parker Bail Bonds in Tallahassee. For 25 years, this business has been providing bail in the fastest ways possible. They guarantee fast, friendly, and expedited services so that you can get back to your daily life.

Details of the Paperwork Matter

When it comes to any legal document, including arrest forms, the information you provide as well as gather is critical to speed up the process. Your bail cannot be requested without information such as the time of the arrest, specific details of the alleged crime in question, and your personal information.

The processing phase can take a long time, and the experience is rather chaotic for many people. If you can retain as much valid and reliable information as possible, the paperwork will be processed faster. You can then work on getting the money together for your bail. The details of the arrest also determine how long you have to stay in jail before bail can be posted. Certain crimes are regulated by stricter rules and may take longer to process the legal paperwork for the bail bond service.

Hire Legal Assistance

The final step after you have posted your bail is to employ the services of a lawyer that will help you through the rest of the process. In many cases, lawyers offer consultations at no extra charge to at least outline the details of your case and identify the best plan of action.

As an American citizen, you have certain rights, such as access to an attorney even if you cannot afford one, but sometimes it is better to pay for legal representation. There is a greater chance that you will have a shark working to clear your name.

Following any arrest is daunting and scary, but if you know what to expect, the process will be much easier to deal with. Learn about your legal rights, and always work with the system to get the best results possible.