Awesome Variety of Casual Trendy Shoes

No matter how chic and edgy your wardrobe is, it can’t be completed without women’s casual shoes that can easily slip in when nothing fits or looks bad. Whether it’s a gorgeous maxi dress, a cute skirt, or a comfortable Kurta, pair it with well-coordinated casual shoes to make your feet much easier and look better. 

How to Wear Different Types of Women’s Casual Shoes

The main issue many women encounter when they want a more casual look is which shoes to wear.

  1. Jeans are the perfect blank canvas for your casual shoes. They can be dressed either above or below. If you’re a fan of skinny jeans, ankle boots are perfect for this time of year when it’s a bit cold. Choose from thick heel ankle boots with zipper, faux fur, and stud details. Make it look rock-edged, or wear it comfortable.
  2. Choose canvas slip-on or lace-ups for busy weekends with kids to match your boyfriend’s jeans. Not only are they comfortable, but you can also add a bold look to your outfit by choosing different prints and patterns.
  3. Bring new life to your skinny jeans with pumps and pointed-toe heels. This not only stretches your legs but also provides a fashionable look right next to the catwalk.
  4. If you’re looking for office wear shoes, pair them with colored chinos with classic ballet pants. Again, you can change the look daily by choosing different colors, textures, and details. Many women are big fans of ballet shoes with pointed toes. These provide a classic and chic look that is perfect for work.
  5. Another style that’s perfect for work or play is brogue shoes. Styling boldly colored chinos and leggings give you a hip and whimsical look.
  6. Choose a patented lace-up style to take you from work to night out. For bold outfits, pumps and caged high heels should be in perfect harmony, giving you the oomph factor and making you stand out from the crowd.

Types of Casual Shoes for women

  1.  Ballerinas – Inspired by ballet shoes, Ballerinas are very flexible flat shoes, usually with a rounded front. Ballet shoes are so comfortable and flexible that the soles bend when not worn. The soles are thicker than sandals and look great when worn. These women’s shoes are lightweight and easy to pack and carry. Ballerinas complement your jeans and top look; short ruffled dresses, and you can wear them almost anywhere! They are the ultimate comfortable shoe and make you look good too. While packing this for your trip, get a neutral color that matches most of your outfits.
  2.  Women’s loafer shoes type – Loafers are lace-free slip-on shoes that are elastic on both sides and are easy to wear. You can wear loafers with shirts, dresses, tank tops, crop tops, aligned skirts, etc. Like a ballerina, loafers are very comfortable and chic, so you don’t have to fight to walk in them, and you can still look good! So, you can wear these pairs for everyday or casual outfits for most of your vacation.
  3.  Flip flops – If you’re planning a summer vacation or a beach vacation, pack your flip-flops. Designed primarily for beachwear, swimwear, shorts and tops, floral dresses, etc. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for your summer outing. 
  4.  Brogues – These are considered to be the best for working women. Style up this season with a pair of these masculine sports shoes that were once called formal men’s shoes, but women are now aware of this trend. Brogues are perfect for formal travel. These are in perfect harmony with your formal attire.
  5.  Canvas shoes – These make your look trendy and are declared the coolest shoe in the history of women’s casual footwear making. Pairs of these casual lace shoes are available in various colors and are mainly made from the canvas used by painters. They are fun, versatile, and widely available on the market, and are by no means the enemy of your pocket. Wear them with casual shirts or jeans or shorts shirts, while you are walking or standing
  6.  Sports shoes– They are perfect for comfort and style. These normally come with a soft sole and can be laced or laceless. These pairs of women’s casual shoes are worn for specific activities or to add to your casual look. You must invest in a good pair of sports shoes and highlight your casual wear, jeans, or shirt dress ensemble.


So, if you’re one of the rare women who hasn’t upgraded her shoe racks with casual shoes or another hoarding for the same thing, check out the list mentioned above of women’s casual shoes that you can proudly own. The best casual wear for women with a plethora of options at the most affordable prices is easily available in the online shopping markets.