Banana Kush Autoflower seeds

Can you think of cannabis with a more mouthwatering moniker than Banana Kush autoflower seeds? This strain doesn’t just have the name, though. It has the genetics, the yields, the effects, and the downright bonkers flavor of ripe plantains.

It’s no secret these days, either. Banana Kush consistently appears in top-5 lists from dispensaries countrywide. The balanced, broad effects have won over generations of fans, and who can dispute the unique appeal of this cultivar?

The yellow-flecked buds are a visual treat, but the flavors held within simply seduce prospective tokers. Read on for the aromatic A–Z, and the cultivation 1–2–3, for bountiful Banana Kush autoflower buds.

Banana Kush Autoflower seeds description

A consistent favorite in the US, especially in Colorado and the Golden State, this strain melds some of the finest lineages in cannabis. OG Kush and White Widow are no less than marijuana royalty.

Combining them with the luscious tang of Banana turned heads with its cerebral buzz and heady scent. It also uplifts and enthuses users. Later, Banana Kush relaxes and eases stress with full-body sedation typical of indica and indica-dominant strains.

While the flavor is primary with Banana Kush autoflower seeds, users shouldn’t overlook the potent 17–20% THC levels. There are few stronger autoflower strains, so use in moderation to start.

The sky-high THC levels make this cultivar an option for users hoping to improve personal wellness. Reports tie this strain to potential help with insomnia and stress.

Banana Kush Autoflower effects

Banana Kush autoflower seeds produce cannabis with a profound physical effect due to the 60–40 indica–sativa split. The powerful sedation is one reason it’s so popular at dispensaries.

The sedation comes later, though. The initial upshot is euphoria and happiness that might prompt giggles and animation. This hard-hitting cultivar energizes and invigorates but also relaxes.

Users report a kick of energy after combusting, similar to how pro athletes gain a boost by munching on the versatile banana. Tokers note being hyper-talkative and at ease in social situations.

Clarity stimulates concentration which allows for exploring creative or energetic outlets. Artists, writers, designers, coders, and others shut out the noise and harness the focus to further their goals.

Eventually, relaxation overtakes the cerebral buzz, dulling inspiration. Calm swiftly dominates and spreads over the entire body, signaling the end of the productive phase.

The full-body stone of this cultivar could lead to couchlock and even sleep. It’s probably best to avoid daytime use—this strain is fabulous for the evening or late-night indulgence.

Users have reported that the numbing effect helps treat migraines, anxiety, and even pain. It’s attractive to many for its sleep-inducing potential. People who suffer from insomnia could have a great deal to gain.

Banana Kush autoflower seeds grow pretty potent flowers that may lead to mild side effects such as red eyes, cottonmouth, or slight dizziness. Keep some eye drops and water handy.

As with most high-grade marijuana, the chances of a case of the munchies are better than average. Keep healthy snacks to avoid wrecking your diet.

Banana Kush Autoflower flavors

The primary flavor of cannabis grown from Banana Kush autoflower seeds is, you guessed it, banana. You’ll go ape for this sweet, fruity strain with a flowering fragrance of the ripe yellow fruit on a sunny day.

The crop also has a sweet, tropical scent with flavors reminiscent of tree fruits. The intense smell strengthens through flowering till it peaks at harvest time. Growers may need a carbon filter to disperse the aroma.

It’s vital to dry and cure the buds well to retain the spectacular flavors. Growers feel like kids at Christmas when breaking open the nugs to free the olfactory delights within.

Toking on Banana Kush is a smooth, buttery, banana-led dance that gets you up and at ‘em. The banana flavor persists on the earthy exhale, complemented with spicy cinnamon and endnotes of brown sugar.

Banana Kush is a perennial top-five cultivar, and its uniquely stunning palate is the obvious explanation.

Autoflower Banana Kush seeds provide the genetics for this flavor profile with its broad array of terpenes. The most plentiful are:

  • Myrcene: A potent terpene with a musky, spicy flavor that gives cannabis its slightly-sweet profile. 
  • Beta-caryophyllene: Warm and peppery flavors that can also provide the hints of gas often noted in cannabis.
  • D-limonene: A major constituent of many citrus oils like orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit, or mandarin.
  • Alpha pinene: these widespread terpenes affect earthy aromas like the fragrance of basil, parsley, and hops. Found in conifers and pine trees, too.
  • Alpha humulene: A subtle flavor with woody, spicy, floral, and herb scents.

Scientists have isolated at least fifteen other terpenes combining to create the delectable essence of Banana Kush autoflower seeds.

How to Germinate Banana Kush Autoflower seeds

There are several ways to germinate your cannabis seeds.

Paper towel method:

The paper-towel method is possibly the simplest, most cost-effective, and dependable technique. You’ll need:

  • Two sheets of paper towel
  • Two dinner plates
  • Purified water
  • Banana Kush autoflower seeds
  • Tweezers


  1. Soak the first towel and squeeze out excess water. It should be damp, not wet. Lie it down in the middle of the first dinner plate.
  2. Use the tweezers to place the autoflower Banana Kush seeds on the damp towel, leaving at least an inch of space between them.
  3. Wet the second towel and wring out the surplus. Lay it over the seeds. Make sure there is no standing water on the plate.
  4. Invert the second plate and match it to the first, enclosing the marijuana seeds. Put the plates into a dark, warm place like a drawer or cupboard. 
  5. Check the medium at intervals and ensure the towels don’t dry out completely. When the seeds sprout a taproot, transplant them into their permanent medium.

Soak seeds method:

This technique works especially well for old seeds or those with hardened shells. Don’t leave the seeds in the glass for longer than 24–32 hours, or they may drown. 

Take a clear glass tumbler and half-fill with slightly warm water. Plop the autoflower Banana Kush seeds in the water. They usually float to start and then eventually sink.

If you spot the tiny white taproot protruding from the seed, remove them and gently replant into the permanent medium.

If the seeds have yet to sprout after 24 hours, remove them and place them in a warm, humid, dark location. Check on them every few hours and let nature complete the process.

Starter cubes method:

If you have valued or irreplaceable seeds, starter cubes are your best bet to extend their genealogy. Purchase them from your local nursery or online.

These cubes each have a small hole for you to drop the cannabis seed in. Then, squeeze it closed and water as instructed. The cube provides the seedling with the nutrients it requires for the best start to life.

Natural method:

In nature, seed germination occurs directly in the soil. This can be more difficult with some non-soil alternatives but still avoids the stress accompanying transplanting.

Plant your marijuana seed 0.5–1 inch deep in moist soil. Gently cover over but don’t compress the medium. Some warmth and light should help your seedling immediately get used to its environment.

All cannabis seeds should germinate within five days. If they haven’t by this time, they won’t, and you can throw them out.

Banana Kush Autoflower seeds grow information

Indoor cultivators throw long periods of light at autoflower Banana Kush seeds to fulfill their sweet, yellow potential. Due to extended exposure, these medium-sized plants can grow to over a meter tall.

Autoflower growers leave the lights on for 18, 20, or even 24 hours. Some assert a short recovery period aids plant health. Others point to the heftier yields reaped with 24hrs of light.

Autoflowering varieties don’t respond to the photoperiod (amount of sunlight). They naturally flower after a certain time, irrespective of the light schedule.

As a result, indoor autoflower yields should always trump external attempts. Growers can also squeeze in up to three harvests a year indoors.

After 3–5 weeks of vegetative growth, the plants automatically begin flowering. You don’t have to set the lighting schedule to 12/12, so buds can grow fatter, crammed with delicious terpenes and helpful cannabinoids.

These Banana Kush autoflower seeds boast ruderalis and Kush genes. Both are known for their toughness in harsh conditions, making them less susceptible to illness.

Mold and powdery mildew are a different story, though. This particular strain grows big, chunky colas that may retain some moisture. Relative humidity (RH) is key.

Temperatures should be 68–80 ⁰F, with RH around 55% to start. It’s vital to taper off RH to about 40% as flowering nears.

If you spot signs of mold during bloom, reduce RH even further, as far as 30% if needed. Be aware that mold on one plant could spread and destroy the entire crop.

Growers with some experience should be the ones to cultivate Banana Kush autoflower seeds.

Autoflower varieties have a shorter life cycle, so errors or illnesses in the early stages could wreck the harvest. Growing a feminized strain is likely to produce a more plentiful harvest first up.

These indica-dominant plants top out at around 3.5ft tall. Their bushy, dense growth pattern complements Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (ScrOG) growth techniques.

Autoflower Banana Kush seeds need only 7–8 weeks of flowering to produce a liberal harvest. In enhanced conditions, growers can look forward to almost 20 ounces of sweet banana bud per m².

Growers can plant these autoflower cannabis seeds outdoors in sunny, warm, dry, or Mediterranean weather conditions, too. Yields of 4–7 ounces per plant are possible. Outdoor farmers can complete twin harvests per annum in supportive conditions.

Flowering may take longer outdoors, so check the trichomes–it’s time to cut them down when over 50% of the trichomes have changed from clear to cloudy.

If you wait even longer, the trichomes will eventually turn amber. Most agree this late harvest time means greater sedative effects—a good thing for some.

Banana Kush Autoflower seeds genetics

Banana Kush autoflower seeds are a sublime combination of west coast legend OG Kush and Cannabis Cup-winner White Widow. High potency pairs with flavor with the addition of sweet, delicious Banana.

Breeders blended the result with an unknown ruderalis plant. Autoflower Banana Kush seeds annexed the blooming capacity and toughness typical of the Siberian subspecies.

OG Kush’s genetic heritage is uncertain, although a mix of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush seems plausible. Storied White Widow matches a Brazilian sativa with a south Indian indica to create the snowdrifts of resin that typify this strain.

Where to Buy Banana Kush Autoflower seeds

Although there are only four states in the USA where it’s still fully illegal, make sure you educate yourself on local regulations. If you’re in the current majority, you may be able to stroll down to your nearest legal dispensary.

Modern cannabis dispensaries have overheads, and prices can be high. On top of that, the selection is usually limited compared to many of the bigger online seed banks. It may be cheaper and more convenient to buy Banana Kush autoflower seeds online.

Homegrown Cannabis Co., has over 400 high-quality strains in regular, feminized, and autoflower varieties. Visit the website for in-depth analysis of every cultivar and comprehensive information about each step in the cultivation process.

Rush for lush Banana Kush

Banana Kush autoflower seeds produce arguably the most popular flavors on the market today. Combined with potent THC levels of up to 20%, it’s hardly surprising people are flocking to savor this strain.

Sensational genealogy and a uniquely interesting flavor profile mean this cultivar should be bound for the cannabis ‘Hall of Flame.’ Wellness practitioners and recreational tokers love Banana Kush for all these reasons.

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Why wait? Order yours now, and you could be growing your own luscious banana cannabis buds within the week.