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Cyprus is one of the most retirement and tourist-friendly countries in Europe. With excellent climate conditions and natural sites, more and more people are moving to the island. While looking for a house, the first preference for most people is to find a beachfront property.

Beachfront properties are popular all over the world. They give you a relaxing sensation at the end of the day. When searching for a property in Cyprus, you may wonder what are the best ways to find the right property. So, in order to find your desired real estate quickly; you need to explore more options rather than reading advertisements only.

If you want to learn where to find beachfront properties in Cyprus, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we will share various methods through which you can find your ultimate real estate.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Multiple listing service is a database launched by real estate brokers to offer information about properties for sale. Furthermore, it allows agents to check other listings for sale and connect sellers to buyers.

With multiple listing services, brokers and real estate agents work together and share commissions. Thus, they pay membership charges to access MLS. They receive property information in a book or an electronic form.

While searching for a property for sale in Paphos, you should go with multiple listing services. So, talk to a broker and they will provide you with the information. Otherwise, you can visit websites like and search MLS. It will provide you with the required details.


Newspapers are rapidly fading from the market due to modern ways of marketing. However, people still use newspapers to advertise their beachfront properties in Cyprus via a newspaper.

This is an excellent source for people who don’t want to buy from a real estate agent. Many people prefer to buy from the owner directly instead of involving a third person and paying a huge commission.

Apart from owners, real estate agents also advertise available properties for sale in newspapers. So, it may be difficult for you to find the owner’s advertisement. However, it is still a reliable source to find a property for sale in Paphos, Cyprus.

Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is a modern way to get your desired property. Instead of spending a lot of time searching for the right property for sale in Paphos, you ask sellers to come to you.

There are a number of marketing methods through which you can advertise. From direct mail to social media advertising, you can use any method that suits you.

With this method, all you have to do is to create an advertisement that explains your requirements. Now, sellers will read your advertisement and contact you if they have the right property.

Outbound marketing cost you some money but save a lot of time. It cuts unnecessary visits to properties you will never buy. It saves the time you may spend searching properties on newspapers and classified websites.

Word of Mouth

Did you know that word of mouth is the most trusted marketing method? 86 percent of customers trust word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews.

Many people ignore the word of mouth and go for classified websites and real estate agents. However, it is the cheapest yet most trusted method to get a property for sale in Paphos.

Instead of putting on a newspaper or giving advertisements, people often try to sell by word of mouth. They inform nearby people that they want to sell their property, ultimately finding the buyer.

While searching for a property for sale in Paphos, make sure that you talk to your loved ones. It is highly likely that they know about a few beachfront properties for sale. It will save you an unnecessary commission. More importantly, you will be able to get a reliable property as you are buying through a loved one.

Developers Websites

Due to increased demand and hot markets, many developers are working in Cyprus. They are launching new projects regularly. Usually, they announce their upcoming projects on their website.

If you want to buy property for investment purposes, this is one of the best ways to go. It offers higher returns and allows you to stay one step ahead of others.

Follow a few developers’ websites and stay updated with available and upcoming properties. It will help you find the right property.

Classified Websites

A website that allows advertising to connect buyers and sellers is called a classified website. With easy internet access, more and more classified websites are emerging on the internet.

Classified websites allow you to search for almost anything. Some of these websites are dedicated to real estate only. Here we are talking about real estate-focused websites.

These websites usually have a range of filters that allow you to search the desired property easily. For instance, you can add the location, price, area, and property type to get accurate search results. It saves your time as you don’t need to go through unnecessary listings.

In Cyprus, few websites are more popular as compared to others. They have genuine and latest advertisements. Some of the popular classified websites in Cyprus include:

Realtor Cyprus

Realtor Cyprus is a reliable website that offers property listings, online wallets, and buyer matching. Moreover, it has an automated valuation model which is designed for consultants and analysts.


The platform claims to be the number 1 marketplace for properties in the country. From commercial to residential properties, you can find everything on the website.

Buy-Sell Cyprus

The website claims to sell any property within 60 days. The website connects buyers and sellers without any charges. It also has a tool for investors that highlight low-risk properties with high returns. While buying a property for sale in Paphos, you can’t go wrong with the website.

Conclusion on Where to Find Property For Sale In Paphos

Now, you have a range of options to search beachfront properties. Using these methods, you can easily find your dream real estate.

Most of these methods are trusted and widely used all over the world. However, you need to be vigilant to avoid any fraud. Finally, try to double-check the property and its ownership before you decide to buy it. Best of luck!