Benefits of Coyote Grills

Individuals who love to grill are particular about the appliance they use. They rarely head to a local big-box store to purchase a new unit. They want a premium grill that will allow them to show off their cooking skills.

When shopping for this new grill, many people flock to Coyote grills. While the price tag is higher than seen for some competitors, shoppers know they are getting a quality product. As they learn more information about Coyote Grills, they find they are hooked and ready to buy. What makes these grills so desirable?

The Benefits of Coyote Grills

One reason people fall in love with Coyote Grills is they require very little maintenance. A person can cook an amazing meal and enjoy time with family and friends because they can clean up in no time. They can also choose from direct and indirect heat, depending on what they want to cook that day.

This grill produces outstanding smoke while providing the food with real wood flavor. Users can cook steak, chicken, and fish with ease. As the grill heats up quickly, meals can be prepared in less time.

The durability and long lifespan of the unit ensure the user gets a good return on investment. They can even cook outdoors when the weather is bad knowing the grill won’t be harmed by the elements. 


Coyote Grills come with many features owners love. For example, all grills come equipped with interior hood lights for nighttime cooking. They also feature infrared cast burners and double-walled hoods. The continuous weld design is preferred by many, which is why it is used in the making of all Coyote grills. However, stainless steel is what allows this model to stand out. 

Stainless Steel Construction

The stainless steel used to construct Coyote Grills ensures they hold up with time. Stainless steel comes in many grades, and manufacturers of discount grills often use a low grade in the construction of their products. That’s not the case with Coyote Grills.

Coyote uses 304 stainless steel. The nickel found in this steel helps to prevent corrosion and allows the grill to be used in all climates. Men and women who live around salty coastal air know how much damage this salt can do to outdoor objects. Damage to the Coyote grill isn’t a concern in these areas. 

Temperature Range

When using a Coyote grill, the user dictates the temperature at which the food cooks. The wood pellet grill can cook items at 175 degrees or the user can increase the temperature to 700 degrees. This allows for everything from high temperature searing to slow cooking or smoking. The direct flame insert increases the searing performance of the unit. 

Grill Options

Some homeowners want a built-in grill as part of an outdoor kitchen. Other individuals want a unit they can take with them when they go camping or will be tailgating with friends. Coyote offers multiple options, making it easy for every person to find the right grill for their needs. Additional options include a pellet grill. Be sure to research them all to find the right one. 

Anyone looking to purchase a new grill should consider Coyote Grills. They come with many features people want in an appliance of this type and they are built to last. A person can grill more and never worry about the unit breaking down when they need it most. Learn more today to see if this option is right for you.