Best Fashion Advice Tips

Fashion is not about what you wear, or how you accessorize, but it is also about how you carry yourself. Each one of us defines fashion differently, and that’s what makes it so important to us.

But despite the different definitions, there are a few ground rules, or tips, that apply to all of us. Below, we have listed our top tips, to help you level up your fashion game!

1.    Learn about your body type

I am not asking you to yearn for that perfect hourglass figure, but if you are familiar with your body type, it will help you with your fashion choices. Every woman or man has a beautiful and unique body.

While some physical features might be similar to others, no two bodies are ever the same. Remember, your understanding of your body type will influence all your future fashion-related questions.

2.    All-black is not “always” sexy!

I know that a sexy LBD seems irresistible and it makes you look thinner, but do you really think a head-to-toe black will be a good choice? Think again. Sometimes all-black can make you look lifeless and bland.

You can wear black as the primary color, and balance your look with a few more colors. Just because some troy says all-black makes you look thin; doesn’t mean you must always opt for dark solid colors.

To balance the colors, you again need to pay attention to your body type. For instance, if you are someone with a big torso, you can wear a black top, and a different colored bottom. Not only will you look good, but combining colors wisely will create an illusion of you looking good.

3.    Don’t go for baggy clothes

Baggy clothes might appear great, but they don’t always bring out the best of your gorgeous figure.

You can definitely sport them once in a while but for the fashion world, it is a big no. How often do you see your favorite celebs in baggy jeans or baggy sweatshirts? I am sure you can count the number of times with your fingers. Plus, whenever you do spot them in baggy clothes – neither of us can’t deny that the picks are impeccable.If you want to buy jewalry product in st thomas area then visit here jewelry store in st thomas check amazing product.

4.    Wear the right eyeglasses

If you wear glasses, it has not only become an important part of your life but also your overall look. There are no “rules” to buy the right glasses because it completely depends on your face structure.

Some people look good on warfare, some on rimless, and some on geeks. That being said, consider taking professional advice before buying them. Personally, I think that most people don’t know how to sport thick-framed glasses.

5.    Your age plays a role

Irrespective of what modern fashion says, what you used to wear when you once were a young bubbly teenager cannot be worn when you are in your late 20s. All of us want to look younger, but trust me, you will look all the more fascinating when you dress according to your age.

So, buy dresses that not only make you look gorgeous but also embrace your age. Like, for instance, long dresses are a great option but once you enter your late 20s, they start to make your legs a lot heavier than they actually are – so maybe look for short or mid-length dresses!

6.    Invest in the right pair of shoes

Shoes are one of the first things that people notice about you and your look. So, to get the first impression right, it is always nice to invest in the right pair of shoes.

You don’t want something that is too fashionable and chic-like. Nor do you want something that is too bland and dull. Just hit the sweet spot with shoes with recommendations by professionals. Don’t forget to clean and polish them every time you step out!

7.    Accessorize!

The choice of accessories can make or break your entire look. It can either add that missing oomph to your outfit and take away the glamour.

Sometimes, if you get your accessory game right, people around you will not be able to stop gawking. Invest in good quality and fashionable jewelry from SH Jewellery and contrast it with your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a long white flair gown, a pearl necklace can be just the right fit!

Now that you know some best fashion advice there is, it’s time for you to hit the stores and make heads turn! Whatever you are wearing, just walk like a diva – the confidence is sexier than the outfit!