Best Neutral Paint Colours

Making your house more neutral before selling can help prospective purchasers envision themselves living there.

The interior can quickly be sold for a higher price with a few simple changes, such as removing personal photos, artwork, and religious symbols. Home painters from Viva Painters can paint any part of your house

If you are still considering selling your home but wish to spruce up the wall colours, read on for some tips to select light-neutral paint that will increase your chances of successfully selling your property quickly.

Light Blue

Light blue is a relaxing colour. So as soon as customers walk into the space, light blue might bring about feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Shades of light blue, such as PPG’s Airy, often have good colours to stand out but not dominate the room subtly. Per 62% of surveyed homeowners, this colour calms.

Warm Grey

Warm grey is suitable for staging houses and still attracts consumers. For a delicate, warm grey hue, PPG Quest works very well in homes with open floor plans or living rooms that emphasise architectural assets to improve the overall look. In addition, we have painters in Melbourne who specialise in painting.

Warm Neutrals

Few people can compete with the popularity of cool greys when setting space tops, but warm neutrals are equally as popular.

Warm neutrals, which include cream and yellow, generate a warm and welcoming area. A shade like PPG s parchment paper can help you earn more.

Blue Grey

Blue-grey paint, such as PPG s Gray Frost, is a timeless colour suitable for virtually any style. Whether your home is traditional, transitional, or modern, blue-grey paint, such as PPG s Gray Frost, will add depth to your interior design, allowing your home’s selling features to stand out. There are several things that our home painters can do for you.


Light colours, such as pale, creamy shades, are a timeless, neutral paint option for a classic, timeless look that transcends trends. PPG’s Delicate White hue is a popular, light alternative.

By painting the walls and trim and the furniture with the same light paint, we can maximise light to make the room appear larger.


Griege is a perfect decision for staging. This grey or beige shade speaks to prospective customers, and that raises home values both indoors and out.

In addition, the colour meets with PPG’s Whiskers, providing you with the perfect colour palette.

Colours to Avoid When Selling Your Home

When you are ready to sell your home, avoid paint colours that create a feeling of overwhelming heaviness. 

Light colours for your walls make your home feel welcoming and help it to appear more prominent.

Avoid paint colours such as black, violet, or orange. It would help if you also painted rooms in one of these dark colours.

Install several colours in a room so the space does not feel dominated by the colour it’s made from. For example, a bright white trim and accent colours in neutral hues will generate a clean and inviting atmosphere.

Whether you plan to sell now or are considering selling it in the future, an excellent paint job is guaranteed to freshen your living quarters and raise your value. The painters in Melbourne are some of the best in the business.

Viva Painters, professional home painters, have years of experience in painting houses.

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