Brass knuckles

Brass knuckles or knuckle busters are some of the coolest items of self-defense out there. They are easy to carry and conceal and provide a very strong edge in the midst of a dangerous situation. There is a myriad of situations in which this tool can come in handy. 

Perhaps you’re being bullied. Maybe you’re traveling alone at night and are concerned about your safety or maybe concerned about the safety of a loved one doing the same thing. In all such situations, if you are carrying this simple and easy to use a weapon with you, there is certainly some comfort to be found in it. 

Not only are these tools useful in a confrontation, but knucks can also be used to fend off any potential confrontation waiting to happen. Anybody looking to approach you with malicious intent will probably think twice about it if they see these heavy metal bruisers wrapped around your fingers. Hence, even if you are not one to get in a fight, these tiny little contraptions can be useful to keep the fighting from getting to you.

The uses of this weapon don’t just end here though. The use of this device doesn’t necessarily have to be violent. A tool like this can also come in handy in other situations where excessive force needs to be applied. 

For example, any situation where something needs to be broke down, a glass window perhaps, a piece of wood, or maybe a door handle after you’ve been locked out of your room or your office without a key. The point is that a weapon like this one is a solid investment and a very handy tool to keep on yourself at all times. Keeping it on yourself is easy too as it is very portable.

Variety of Brass Knuckle Available

This fighting tool is a cool item to invest in due to the different kinds and varieties that are available in this product. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and weights that give to a wide range to select from when looking for Brass Knuckles for sale.

A weapon like this can also be quite a style statement as they come in various cool builds. There are some that emulate a cool bony skeletal structure, others that incorporate a weaponry theme by having a bullet engraved in the hilt, and some that have feathers or other cool looking engravings on the metallic region. 

Regardless the room for designs is endless on these cool items. There is also a wide range of colors available including gold, silver, black, and even a colorful rainbow palette that is really eye-catching with its titanium finish. 

They also act as a multifunctional item at times when other tools are incorporated into them. For example, there is a type of weapon that comes with a knife, taser, or even a bottle opener incorporated into its designs. Hence there is much to look for when shopping for these super cool weapons.

Top Picks Brass Knuckles

  • Rainbow Titanium Tool

In addition to being a very strong and capable weapon for your self-defense in times of need, the titanium rainbow-colored knuckle duster is a super stylish item to carry around. You can show it off in your circle of friends and keep it on your for a dire situation as well. 

A two in one package for both looks and functionality that is hard to argue with. Use it in a fight when needed and carry it around your neck the rest of the time, either way, it serves you well.

  • Bullet Knife Tool

Another multifunctional weapon this one comes in not only an attractive design but also a cool hidden function. This product has a very cool design with a large bullet for a hilt and small bullets engraved into the finger holes parts but here’s where it gets interesting. 

The bulletin its hilt has within it a hidden knife that can be deployed and used in times of extreme danger or just when you really need to cut something or such a situation where both of those things happen at the same time. Either way, it’s a solid investment.

  • Purplicious Cat Face Evil Mini 

Another way to classify these fighting tools is by asking how many knuckles are on a finger? In the case of this particular product, it’s just two but doesn’t let that fool you, the two-fingered tool can cause ample damage and are plenty useful in a tough situation. 

The design in the shape of a purple cat’s face also makes it a cool and easy item to carry around. It even comes with a carrier that attaches to the buckles of your pants to make it easier.

Brass Knuckle at Wholesale

Now, after going through all the benefits of having fighting equipment of this nature and all the cool kinds of products that you can collect, the question on your mind must be where can I get cheap brass knuckles? 

Thankfully we have the best wholesale rates on real brass knuckles that you can benefit from and we invite you to go through our collection of unique designs and order at your will. So feel free to order regardless of whether you wish to order in bulk or a singular item at Paknives and enjoy the best prices and the best features that our collection has to offer for the knuckle tool.