buying a Seiko watch

Established watch brands have built a solid reputation throughout the years, which is one of the reasons why people buy from them. One of the reputable watchmakers around today is Seiko, a Japanese company. A brand like them has a massive catalog with products from different collections, each designed differently and equipped with various features.

Such a diverse range of products to choose from by one brand is a big reason why people find Seiko enticing. There’s something for almost everyone, and their products are great as well. They’re known internationally as a company that sells high-quality watches for affordable prices.

If you’re thinking about buying a Seiko watch for yourself or as a present, this is something you’d be interested in. Here’s a simple guide for everyone looking to buy from Seiko’s impressive catalog.

Seiko’s Collections

Here’s an introduction of each of Seiko’s current collection of timepieces:

Seiko Prospex

Seiko is also known for being the company that makes innovative dive watches. The Prospex line is where their best dive and tool watches are at. You’ll find them broken down into various sub-collections and price tiers at a Seiko store.

Collections and price range: Divers, ($395-$5,500) Land, ($525-$2,900) LX ($5,00-$6,500)

Seiko Presage

Presage is Seiko’s often affordable and durable dress watch line. If you look at the watches from this line, they’re the equivalent of the Prospex line of tool watches.

Price range: $425-$2,400

Seiko 5 Sports

Seiko recently revived the Seiko 5 line by releasing Seiko 5 Sports. This collection of mechanical watches has been refreshed to fit their brand’s modern image.

Price range: $65-$330

Seiko Astron

The Astron is a remarkable collection for Seiko because their first Astron watch put them on the map internationally in terms of quartz movement watches. Today’s Astro watches are solar-powered and GPS-connected, which shows that Seiko is still pursuing the latest technology for their quartz watches.

Price range: $1,350 and up

Seiko Recraft

The Recraft series is Seiko’s best mid-century work. They’re stylish and mechanically excellent, with different colorways and retro models to choose from.

Price range: $275-$375

Seiko Coutura

The Coutura line is also solar-powered and linked to atomic clock references for supreme accuracy. In addition, Coutura watches are usually either studded with diamonds and laced with carbon-fiber patterns, or sometimes both.

Price range: $350-$695

Seiko Diamond Collection

The watches from the Diamond Collection mostly have pearl dials and genuine diamonds. They’re also brimming with excellent technical specs, and the best thing is that they don’t cost as expensive as you may think.

Price range: $375-$650

Seiko Core/Essentials

The Seiko Essentials are Seiko’s entry-point timepieces. While they aren’t what you’d say as their best collection, Seiko Core watches are still worth a shot if you want to gauge the quality of the entire Seiko catalog.

Price range: $40 and up

Grand Seiko

Grand Seiko is a separate independent brand from the larger Seiko brand. They’re composed of different catalogs of luxury watches equipped with in-house movements and made from top-notch materials. In addition, timepieces from this line are designed and made by the best craftspeople in watchmaking.

Collections and price range: Masterpiece, ($42,000 – $185,000) Elegance, ($4,300 – $29,000) Heritage, ($2,200-$59,000) Sport ($3,000-$14,800)


Seiko created Credor as their sub-brand in 1974. Their watches are often similar to Seiko’s independent brand Grand Seiko but what sets them apart are Credor’s signature aesthetics. Besides that, modern Credor designs mostly have enamel dials and outstanding movement decorations.

Price range: $1,798 to $85,396

Common denominators of Seiko watches

Now that you’ve had a brief look into their collections, you should also know what ties them all together. These things are also good reasons why you should buy any Seiko watch.

  • Value

Seiko watches are best known for the value they have. They create timepieces that are worth more than their prices. It’s something that you can always count on from this brand.

  • Quality

Quality is often an overused term for any product, but in the case of Seiko watches, they’ve proven it throughout their history. Even their low-tier priced timepieces are great gets compared to their counterparts from other companies.

  • In-house movement

Seiko has created its own different watch movements, and each of those is proven to be accurate. Long-time watch enthusiasts can vouch that a brand with a proven in-house movement is a brand you can rely on.

Where to buy Seiko watches

You can buy Seiko watches on their website, Besides that, they’re also available on numerous retailers online and at brick-and-mortar stores globally.

Wrap up

Seiko is a standout and reputable watch company. You’d be missing out on many first-class and high-value timepieces if you don’t buy from them. This simple guide should be a good starting point for new customers and a reference for return ones.

Author’s Bio:

Luther Abrams is quite a jack of all trades type of guy. He loves exploring new things and cultivating his knowledge every now and then. Today, he grows more and more interested in jewelry and watches and even writes about such things in his free time.