buying men’s sweatshirts

Sweatshirts have been around since the 1920s. But the clothing item has gone a long way from being the outfit of choice to provide another layer to keep a person warm, to become one of the trendiest fashion pieces nowadays. A lot of men put on their sweatshirts to look extra stylish on almost all occasions. You only need to know how to buy mens sweatshirts and match them with the rest of your outfit to look great. 

However, finding the perfect fit when buying sweatshirts can be very challenging for every man. But several rules can help you style men’s sweatshirts so you can get the best look all the time. 

Here are the key considerations that you must look for when buying men’s sweatshirts. 

Tip #1: Check Out The Collar 

Timeless sweatshirts have a round neck collar. It will let you pair it with all types of undergarments. You need to ensure that the collar is not too tight and not too loose to help you incorporate your unique style. 

If you want to achieve a preppy look, you may let a Polo or Oxford collar peek out of the sweatshirt collar. But if you want to achieve a slimmer look, you may choose sweatshirts with V-neck collars. You only need to know the proper way of wearing V-neck sweatshirts to avoid looking tacky.  

Tip #2: Consider The Width Of The Shoulder

Traditionally, a classic sweatshirt is a loose-fitting garment. If you want the best fit each time you buy mens sweatshirts, you must carefully pay attention to the shoulder seam placement of the item you intend to purchase. 

When looking at the shoulder seam, you need to look at how it lies on your shoulder bone. If the upper shoulder line is near the neck, it will make the sleeve cut directly into your armpits. Meanwhile, the sweatshirt will appear too big for your frame if the shoulder seam lies on the upper arm. 

Tip #3: Measure The Sleeves

Sweatshirts are meant to make the wearer feel warmer during cold days. So naturally, the sleeves must cover as much area in your arms as possible. 

The length of the sleeves must reach the wrist area. Meanwhile, the sleeves’ width must be loose, so it will not shorten if you need to bend your arms. 

Tip #4: Check Out The Sweatshirt’s Length

When you buy mens Juice Wrld Sweatshirt, you need to ensure that the waistband ends just below the hip or as close to the middle part of your pants’ zippers as possible. It must not conceal your bottom area. 

The fabric of the sweatshirt is also a crucial factor to consider. Cheaper garments usually shrink. So if you plan to buy a sweatshirt that will last for years, you must buy sweatshirts made with high-quality fabrics.

Tip #5: Find The Best Fit For The Waist And The Hips 

Like the sleeves, the waistband must fit properly at the hip, while the other sweatshirt areas must be loose. If the sweatshirt is very tight around the waist, it will not fit your attire’s other layers. 

In the hips area, you must ensure that the sweatshirt’s width has an extra three to six centimetres of fabric on both sides of the torso. You must also remember that wearing super loose sweatshirts is not a good option, especially if you want to conceal your tummy. Oversized sweatshirts can make you look bigger.  

Buying men’s sweatshirts does not have to be challenging. You only need to find the best fit to make it look good on your body type. Once you find the best fit, it will allow you to wear your sweatshirt according to the style that you want.