Drain Inspection Camera To Avoid Damaging It

A drain inspection camera should be seen as an essential purchase for every household. The good news is that you can pick up a high-quality sewer camera for sale for less than you think.

How the Sewer Camera Works

The sewer camera is a fairly small device on wheels. Some are controlled by remote, others are attached by a wire to you. They are lowered into the sewers and will record the inside of the pipes. In most cases, they provide a live video feed so that you can see what is happening as the camera travels through the pipe.
Sewer cameras are used to inspect pipes and confirm they are in good condition. They can also be used to find where the damage or the clog is in the pipe.
However, despite the environment they work in, they are surprisingly delicate. You need to take a few precautions when using them to keep them from getting damaged.

It’s For Viewing Only

A sewer camera is designed to show you what the inside of your pipes looks like. When you come across a clog don’t drive the camera into it, hoping to break the clog up. In most cases, it won’t work. However, even if it does work you are likely to damage the sewer camera, leaving you needing to buy a new one.
In short, once you’ve located the clog remove the camera and use the right tools to eliminate the issue.

Watch Carefully

From the moment the sewer camera enters the sewer system you need to watch carefully. The camera should be moved slowly through the pipes. This gives you time to assess what you are seeing and pause if you see any issues. It’s not just clogs that can give your camera an issue, broken pipes can also damage it or prevent it from moving.
By taking it slow you’ll have time to react and deal with any issues.
You should note that the camera can’t be driven slowly around a bend in the pipe, it’s best to do this part faster to avoid it getting stuck in the bend.
Be Gentle
As mentioned, the majority of sewer cameras are attached to a cable, also known as a push rod. You use this to guide the camera through the pipes. However, it is very important to be gentle with the pushrod. If you are too high or too heavy-handed you are likely to bend the rod and lose the ability to control your camera.
That’s not just a waste of money, it won’t help you identify the issue in the pipes.

Check the Camera

After every use, the camera should be thoroughly washed and checked. Even when you are being careful it can be damaged or simply suffer from old age. In these cases, it will be time to replace your camera before you lose it in the pipes.
By checking your camera after every use you’ll always be ready for when it’s needed again.