The sewerage system is a major problem of every town that makes a stinky smell in the street. Especially in monsoon season, conditions are quite miserable. The worst cause of this is old drains that have not been removed for several years, and the government is also responsible as it doesn’t consider this issue.

Besides streets, your homes could also be at heavy risk in the monsoon season cause of rains and heavy floods, and you might face a huge issue.

This issue could easily be resolve by taking appropriate measures. Our company is the best solution to this problem.

Aqua Lux

Aqua Lux is a trustworthy company that has been providing service to its customers for 25 years. Our company is providing its services to different cities in Canada such as Toronto. We owe a team of most qualified engineers with good experience who provide 24-hour services to our customers. We assure the customer that his amount is not wasted. Our company tells the customer in detail where he is spending the amount. Toronto and Mississauga are two huge populated areas with thousands of people living in that area. As plumbing is a vast business, you can’t trust the plumber you are meeting first time in your life. You can also check their service Drain Service Mississauga.

Our worker can fix any problem regarding sewerage issue. In short, you would make a wise decision by investing in our product.


Services offered by our company are listed below.

  • Fixing sewerage issue

Our company fixes several sewerage issues such as fixing water pipes, blockage issues, and many others.

  • Removing root

Our workers provide services of removing the root of a plant that creates an issue for water flow from the main sewerage.

  • Fixing new sewerages

We fix new sewerage and pipes to solve the blockage issue.

  • Reconstruction of old sewerages

We reconstruct old sewerages for the smooth flow of water from sewerages.

  • Providing suggestion

We provide suggestions to repair broken drains to minimize the risk of damage.

  • Provide workers

Aqua legends provide a team of workers to clean drains and sewerages to avoid the miserable condition.

  • Providing products

Our company offers new products as a replacement for old ones.

  • Installing a new water pump

We have a collection of good quality water pump for basins.

  • Expert team

We provide a team of experts with more than five years to solve issues related to the drainage system.


Aqua legends believe in direct working with customers. In the first meeting, we analyze the whole situation. To avoid sudden surprise, we inform about the whole package and expense required to fix that issue.

24/7 Availability

Aqua Legend is availbe 24/7 waiting for the order of the customer.

What you have to do to place an order?

You have to visit our website and fill an online form to mention your requirement. Within a short passage of time, we would arrange for a skilled worker to meet your needs and reasonably perform the assigned task.

Reputed project

Livadia Banquet Hall is one of the most reputed projects as a team of highly qualified laborers performed in that project, and Customers could judge our performance via that project before placing any order.

Why our plumbers are trustworthy?

After asking your friend and relative about a skilled plumber in Toronto, you would surely get our reference. We have several successful projects in which we satisfied our customers with our outstanding abilities.

Here are some reasons you should hire us to fix any sewerage issue

We would try our best to meet your expectations, but if we don’t meet your expectations, we are ready to refund your whole amount as we realize how difficult it is to make money.

We offer 24/7 Availability to the customer to place his order in case of emergency without any hesitation.

Many workers have been working in our company for a long time. Therefore, they are capable enough to tackle the difficult situation in a smooth way.

Each employee of our company had earned positive feedback from the customer cause of their splendid performance.

Keeping in view our customer Aqua Legend’s health uses high quality and eco-friendly products such as copper to avoid further damage.

Why is our company better than the rest?

Every person has to deal with a household sewerage problem at some point in life. You can trust us blindfolded as we have been splendidly running this business for 19 years.

You can make our free call. After placement of your order, we search our representative near your area and deliver him to fix your order in less time. We owe several employees in downtown society in Toronto.

Some Additional Services:

Aqua legend is a name of the trust that never disappoints his customer. Here are some extra achievements that add to the reputation of our company.

  • Drain System

We provide a good quality pump for your household’s drain system, such as for the best water pump for sink or basin so that its sewerage system might work smoothly.

Surely your sewerage system would never block again.

  • Waterproof services

We provide the best waterproof service by which the problems like wet basement and walls are solved.

  • Blocked Drainage System

Blocked drains are every household problem and it might because of several reasons such as children flush toys in a washroom or any thin else as result water do not smoothly pass through the pipe.

To solve this problem, we use different tactics.

The employee often fits the camera into a pipe and analyzes the situation via that latest equipment.

  • Pipe relining

Maintenance of sewerage system is mandatory for smooth flow of water and for its maintenance we should check their condition on a timely basis. After getting old, they broke in different places, and they need to repair. To fix this issue, we implement a modern technique relining technique. We insert imported material like epoxy in the pipe, and this issue is fixed within few hours; otherwise, repairing of pipe could take several days.


Aqua legend is one of the trusted companies that entertain you with the best services. You would never regret investing in our products. In simple words, Aqua Legend is the best invest investment to make as we have been running this business for a long time.