Ecommerce business is the most popular concept in the 21st century. There are many reasons for its popularity. The economic growth of the country, the increase of literacy rate among the people, usability, and availability of the internet, computer, and smartphone are the main factors for the eCommerce business to be popular in this 21st century. Besides, there are some eCommerce business secrecy that needs to be followed to run a successful eCommerce business. Today I am going to discuss 10 eCommerce business secrets that seem to be inevitable for running an eCommerce business.

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Ecommerce business

1.Choose an amazing domain name for your website

First of all, you have to choose an amazing domain name for your website. You have to keep in mind that the domain name should be beautiful and it must be relevant to your website. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember and that should not be too long. Try to use a URL that is meaningful for the user.

2.  You have to focus on the design of your website.

The design of your website will tell you how much traffic you will be able to gather. A good eye-catching website will engage the customer in a few minutes. The size of the online business doesn’t matter to them. If they find a website with a good-looking interface, it will create a positive first impression. It will help the customer make a deal with you.

3.Publish Beautiful Contents

You have to publish beautiful content to attract the attention of the consumers. These contents maybe a blog post, a video, and even a good image. These contents will create a positive impression among the reader and convince them to buy your product. Your content gives extra information about the product that convinces the customer to buy your product.

4. Write Good Product Description

You should write a good product description to attract the customer’s attention. The product description may include the quality of the products, their ingredients, their prices, their merits, and demerits, etc. You can include the country origin of the products and where there are manufactured. You may include which weather condition is suitable for the product and how it can be preserved. A product description may also include its food value and whether they are suitable for children or not.  You also can describe a little bit of the history of the brand or company. In this way, you can attract the customer to buy your product.

5. You have to check your inventory regularly

You have to check your inventory regularly so that a poor-quality product is not sold out. There is a special team for the business giant Amazon to check the products before sending it to the customer. In this way, you can have the customer’s satisfaction very frequently. If you do not check the products before sending it to the customer, they will get poor quality products and ultimately it will bring a bad reputation for your company. It would be better for you to form a team so that they can check the quality.

6. Follow the Abandoned Cart of the Customer

When a customer adds a product to its cart that means the customer is definitely liked it and he has a plan to buy it. You must follow that abandoned cart of the customer. You should contact him through email. If possible, offer him a little bit of benefit or discount. In this way, the customer will be in favor of you and will make a purchase of your products. If you don’t follow their abandoned cart then they will leave you and find out the better alternative for them.

7. Maintain a post-purchase relationship with the customer.

If a consumer makes a purchase that does not mean that there will not be any more relationship afterward. You have to maintain a good relationship with him even after making a purchase. If you keep in touch with him that means you are preparing him for making the next purchase. How you can contact him? You have his email. You can send him about the various kinds of product offers. You can send him a message on his mobile mentioning your recent discount offer.

8. Update your Social media regularly

You have to be up to date on social media. Regularly update your social media mentioning the latest offer given by you. You have to update your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a regular basis so that people can learn an offer on a particular product. In this way, you can build a consumer-friendly business strategy for you. If you remain detached from social media that means you are detached from a lot of possible customers. You can create a page in the name of your brand and promote your products.

9. You can use voice technology Software

Voice technology is advanced software that allows the customer to search in their own voice instead of typing in the computer and smartphone. This advanced technology will help you have huge traffic for you. Besides, this advanced technology makes your online business apart from other online platforms.

10. Build a well-designed contact us page.

A well-designed contact us page is very essential for your online business platform. Through the contact us page a user can contact you and will be able to know about your latest offer from you. In the contact us page, there might be a phone number, email address, social media link, etc. There can be a facility to send the customer’s comment directly by contacting us page. You can also add a captcha test in your contact us page to prevent the misuse of your page.  


Online business or eCommerce business are getting immense popularity in the recent days. In this eCommerce business the interaction between the customer and the seller is very much important. If a customer finished a purchase from your shop that does not mean that you end up all the relationship with him. As a seller, you have to prepare him for the next sale. But how to do that? You have the customer’s email address and phone number. Keep sending him a regular email or short messages to his phone mentioning the regular offer on the products that he is interested in.  In this way, he will be prepared for the next purchase from you.