Cake is love but the edible cake topper is the romance. Just like love is bland without romance, a cake is tasteless without the cake toppers. Cake toppers added for visual appeal and taste. We bet, once in a lifetime, you have had a bite of the cake topper first before the cake itself. Seeing your cake decked with all things tasty and delicious makes you drool that you gallop the biggest slice of the cake lusciously loaded with topping ingredients right away!

Whether you love the easy-peasy way of relishing cakes, and that is placing online cake order in Gurgaon or you like to bake love into delicious cakes; these topping ingredients are the secret to transporting the relisher to the land of taste.

  1. Seasonal Fruits: Fruit cakes are quite popular because they lend to the cake seasonal freshness and hints of juicy flavours in every bite. Also, adding fruits will add a touch of sweet colours to your cake. You can top the cake with pieces and slices of fruits. Assorted fruits or a particular fruit can be added as per your choice. If not the fruit chunks, you can use fruit puree as a glaze over the cake and then add fruits (optional). Summers are here, strawberries, pineapples, kiwis, mangoes can be used as topping agents.
  • Chocolates and Candies: Nothing matches the joy of having a loaded chocolate cake. Chocolate cake is the most popular flavour among the cake relishers. When you can’t think of anyways to make the cake look prettier and tastier, add chocolates on top. You can decorate the cake with Kitkat bars, Ferrero Rocher balls, coloured gems, Milkybar chocolate pieces, chocolate sticks, and other varieties of chocolates and candies. Bakers pro tip: First glaze the cake with chocolate ganache and then add chocolates for the Ahhh! Feels.
  • Nuts: Winter cakes will be incomplete without the addition of nuts. Nuts and dry fruits lend to the cake goodness and health punch. You can add walnut bits and pieces on the cake. Chocolate cake with walnuts taste yummy to the tastebuds. You can bake or order a luscious Pistachio cake having its flavour in every bit. Sprinkle some on the top as well. Almonds can also be used for topping your cakes with other ingredients.
  • Glitters: Cakes can be glittery and bling; just like the way you like it. Edible glitters are available in the market easily. If you are baking a cake using edible glitters to make the pull-up cake. You can cover the entire cake in glitter and it will look splendid to see and eat. Glitter cakes are ideal for parties and celebrations as it perfectly matches the sparling vibes. Glitters can be used in a variety of ways to deck the cake up.
  • Flowers: Flowers are added to cake to elevate the appeal. Real, dried or fondant flowers are used to garnish the cake. Sometimes flowers are added only for decoration purposes and not consumption. Anything in floral guarantees happiness; cake is no exception.

While baking or ordering cakes, do look for cakes with these edible toppers to give your tastebuds a flavourful treat!!