Effective Carpet Cleaning Hacks

Are you struggling to remove a stubborn stain from your carpet?

Well, you will be happy to know that you are not alone. The most prevalent stains on carpets result from coffee, wine, and pet urine. There are many DIY carpet stain removal techniques you can use to solve this problem.

However, note that although you can remove stains by using these techniques, dirty carpets must be cleaned professionally to remove bacteria and dirt that may negatively affect your health.

Here are the five most effective carpet cleaning hacks to avoid those difficult stains.

Baking Soda

Amongst its many benefits, baking soda is an excellent carpet stain remover. The product can remove dirt, grease, and grime, thus saving your carpet.

Apply a generous amount of baking soda to the affected area and let it sit for a few minutes. Do not try to rub the stain away; instead, let the soda absorb the stain.

Once the baking soda has fully absorbed the stain, it will leave a lighter and more manageable stain. You may then proceed with the rubbing technique to remove the residue. A mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and water is also proven to be effective at removing pet stains.


You can remove food and beverage stains from spilled ketchup or wine with ordinary cooking salt.

First, blot the excess spillage with a paper towel, then generously apply salt to the stain, and then leave it to sit for a few minutes. Once the salt has absorbed the moisture, you can use a vacuum cleaner to remove the rest of the stain residue.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is an excellent product for removing old and new stains. First, you must vacuum your rug and then add a considerable amount of shaving cream to the stain, and then you must allow it to rest for a while peoples reports.

After letting the cream sit, you may use a damp cloth or sponge to rub the stain away. The shaving cream will leave your carpet softer and fluffier.

Iron Away the Stain

Ironing stains may be the oddest hack on this list, but the technique effectively removes stains. This technique requires three easy steps.

Before getting started, you must prepare the area by vacuuming particles like crumbs and moisture, which is the first step. Once you have removed the excess residue, add a 3:1 water and vinegar solution to the stain and then let it sink in.

Finally, you will place a towel on the affected area and proceed to apply heat from the iron. The heat from the iron will absorb the stain from the carpet to the towel.

DIY Cleaning Solution

If you feel bold, you can make your own DIY carpet cleaning solution with just three household ingredients. These are hydrogen peroxide (bleach), white vinegar, your choice of assorted essential oils, and boiling water.

You can also use additional home products like dish soap and fabric softener. Carpet stains are almost unavoidable, especially if you have a house of kids, pets or if you are a clumsy individual.

Regardless of the cause, carpet stains can cause you considerable embarrassment, not to mention illness from the germs and bacteria hiding in those stains. Therefore homeowners are encouraged to either seek professional help to remove their stains or try one of the stain removal techniques listed above.