Reduce Employee Turnover

It is one of the most common issues that new and start-up companies face in the United States. How to attract the right staff and then how to hold onto them long-term.

High levels of staff turnover can point to many issues in a business, such as poor leadership or a toxic work environment. It has also been found that when many job seekers are looking for work, they explore the turnover rate of a business that they are interviewing with. Why? Because it allows them to see how regularly people leave that job and to explore the reasons as to why.

If you are a manager and you want to overturn the trend in your business of losing staff, here are some tips to consider in the future.


Firstly, are you asking too much of your employees? You know they are a good team, but can they handle all the work you are putting on them? One way to prevent high levels of employee turnover is to assess the quantity of work that you are asking for. This may also involve assessing any deadlines that you have put into place for work completion.

Benefits and Salary

To attract the best staff, you need to be able to offer something in return. After all, there are a lot of chatrooms online full of staff complaining that their bosses want maximum performance from them on a minimum wage salary.

So, it may be time to consider how you can make your workplace look more attractive from the job advert. Are you able to offer more than the minimum wage? How does your company’s pay compare to others that may operate in the same field? Are there any benefits you can offer to new employees that can attract them? These are all things that are worth considering and, in 2022, now extend to areas such as working from home more regularly and mental health days.

Build Comradery

You don’t want to spend the majority of your day worrying that Nellie from accounts is going to be spatting with Jaqueline from marketing in their meeting. Aim to build comradery in your staff, which will make work feel less stressful and will allow your staff to function and perform better. This can be as simple as hosting parties in the workplace or even paying for days out, such as days playing paintball or laser tag.

Make Employees Feel Respected

Have you ever felt disrespected at a club or workplace? If you have, you will know that your first impression is to simply walk away and never come back. This feeling extends to your staff, who deserve to be treated with respect. You can take classes on how best to do this, or you can simply hold meetings with them, asking them how you can make them feel more respected in the workplace.

Be Flexible

In recent times, the majority of businesses have had to adapt their flexibility due to the pandemic. So, if your team is getting back into the office, it can be worth considering offering them flexible work weeks, where they can work from home when they need to and come into the office for meetings.