Many business owners and entrepreneurs simply loathe the very idea of marketing. They imagine it as a sleazy and even deceptive approach to tricking people into buying products or services. While some businesses certainly approach it that way, you can adopt a marketing mindset that encourages growth without compromising your ethics.

Still, once you adopt that approach there is still the lingering question of how you should execute on it. These days, that largely means digital marketing strategies. Not sure what that means?

Keep reading for five tactics you can deploy for serious marketing growth.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Your website plays a crucial marketing role for your business, assuming anyone ever sees it. Search engine optimization is there to help you get your site in front of more and better-targeted customers.

A lot of SEO focuses on technical aspects of your site, such as:

  • Loading speed
  • Optimized images
  • Minimal JavaScript
  • Mobile-friendly

The other element of SEO is about content, which brings us to our next tactic.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing focuses on creating blog posts and articles that provide relevant and helpful information to your core audience. That builds trust and boosts engagement.

Content strategies vary, but building content around business and industry-specific keywords is a tried and true method.

If you’re not confident about your writing or keyword research skills, you can always outsource writing tasks to third-party companies. If you’re new to outsourcing, you can head over here for some extra info.

3. Video

While video is technically also content, it’s really its own animal.In part, that’s because video takes a wider range of skills, but with the help of a video editor website you can produce/edit videos effectively. You need someone who can write scripts, plus people who understand issues like lighting and camera work.

On the other hand, video is also huge. It drives engagement, which can help drive sales.

4. Social Media

Social media is one of the most important elements of digital marketing. It’s a great way for you to engage with customers in a one-on-one way.

You can use it as an informal focus testing group to test out new ideas. You can address problems. It’s also ideal for reinforcing your brand image.

5. Email Marketing

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. It offers one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing tactic.

Plus, you get the benefits of addressing a warm market. People must opt-in to your email list, which means they already buy from you or think they will down the road. Encourage that buying mindset.

Building Marketing Growth

Building marketing growth is really about building revenue growth. Good marketing encourages buying, which improves your bottom line.

Take a structured approach to building your marketing. Start with the easier to execute or easier to outsource tasks like content marketing and SEO. Once you get those locked down, move on to the trickier to execute tasks like email marketing, social media marketing, and video.

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