Fashion Styles

If there’s one thing that doesn’t change about fashion it’s that fashion always changes. Fashion designers focus on inspiring new trends and styles with the objective of encouraging the public to spend their money on the new looks.

There are only so many new styles out there and designers often try to recycle old fashions – sometimes with more luck and sometimes less.

The last few years have been tough ones around the world and worldwide, the public seems more open than ever to reliving the “good old days.” This takes the form of watching old TV shows, playing old favorite games with Thunderbolt Casino coupons and adopting retro fashion styles.

What are some of the most notable retro fashion styles that we can look forward to seeing in the coming years?

Bohemian Style

The Bohemian style was a favorite of the hippies in the ‘70s but it actually has its roots in the 19th century when intellectuals who identified with romantic art of the era began to dress in flowy, oriental-inspired garments that focused on colorful materials. Bohemians were seen as those who scorned the fashion statements of the times and that impression continued for many years.

Bohemian clothing became “fashion” in the early 20th century when Poiret, a French designer, incorporated different types of ethnic details into his designs including floral prints, swirls and paisleys. The hippies of the ‘70s adopted the bohemian style as their own because, they felt, it went against the polished and streamlined conventions of the day.

Now designers including JW Anderson, Zmmermann and Etro are aligning on modern paisley prints that suit all styles. Of particular note is the mini by Isabel Marant Etolie which features a flutter detailing along the sleeves and high neckline. Some of these retro bohemian style dresses highlight longer hemlines and blouson cuffs for a retro ladylike style.


Crocheted clothes were first popular in the ‘70s and now they’ve made a comeback, especially for summertime as designers reinvent the classic technique and give it a new take. You can find a wide range of clothing types crocheted from bikinis, tops, skirts and dresses to hats, handbags and more.

The look is now accepted as a summer look with neutral colors elevating the feel of this vintage trend. Some of the most popular items in the 2022 collection include Stella McCartney’s chainlink crocheted shoulder bag, a contrasting mini dress by Gucci and the Atis crochet midi by The Row.


Tie-dye has its roots in the Far East where the earliest examples date back to the 5th century CE Sui dynasty and the Bandhani technique of India. The pre-Columbians in Peru were also tie-dying as early as 500 CE with bright reds, yellows, greens and blues and designs that included small circles and lines. Americans started to tie-dye clothes in the early 20th century, both to revive old clothes and mimic French fabric styles.

But the technique really got going in the ‘70s when it became a symbol of the American counter-culture.
Now, thanks to designers such as Saint Laurent, Victoria Beckham and Louis Vuitton, tie dying has been reinterpreted to make them both retro and modern.

The major designers have added polished details but among non-designers and non-haute couture aficionados, the style is also trending. Much of the credit goes to the COVID-19 pandemic that has many people exploring different types of crafts, including tie-dying.

Stitch Fix color expert Ryen Anderson explains the interest by saying, “As our country continues to practice social distancing, it makes sense to me that people would connect with these handmade objects for comfort, to feel connected to humans and to nature.”

Pinterest reports that searches for “tie-dye at home” skyrocketed 462% as people found that, if they wanted to renew their wardrobes, they would have to do it themselves.

A number of designers are mixing and matching by tie-dying in soft pastel tones including Jimmy Choo who tie-dyed his platform sandals in a pastel tie-dye and Dior’s tie-dyed pleated midi skirt that made a tremendous splash with critics.

The Denim Skirt

The denim skirt has been a basic item in most women’s wardrobes since the ‘70s. There have been mini-denim skirts, midi-denim skirts and even maxi-denim skirts. But ever since they were introduced, women have prized the style as one that can be dressed up or down, worn for a wide variety of occasions and refreshed as needed.

Recently, designers have begun to pay renewed attention to the denim skirt including a rocker-chic ensemble by Celine, a distressed version by Givenchy and a chic summer tailoring by Stella McCartney.

Floral Prints

Floral prints were never really out of fashion but it’s been a while since designers paid them serious attention. The last few decades saw a decline in the fashion’s popularity but as more people turn to the ideas of simplicity in the 2020s, this summer, the style is back.

It could even be said that this year, floral prints are a staple of womenswear as designers focus on the renewal of classical prints. There are updated floral styles as well including botanical graphics, exotics, striking bolds, seductive, metaverse night gardens and even digital florals.

Together with the classic sketched designs and innovative interpretations, designers and consumers alike are looking to floral prints as symbols of hope, transformation and bloom.

Some of the collections that are highlighting floral prints this year include Giambattista Valli, the Brock Collection and Prabal Gurung.