Casinos are one of the many business models seeing a shift to an online focus in the wake of the social effort to remain socially distanced. With that comes challenges for those used to the in-person experience of going to a casino. There are multiple things unique to the online experience such as new-user bonuses, sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, and how each of these are received. In addition, consideration must be given to the method one will use to deposit and withdraw funds. Compared to a traditional casino experience, this might seem overwhelming to the seasoned gambler. So why is it, then, that iGaming platforms are seeing a massive spike in growth despite these would-be roadblocks? That’s where customer service comes in, and BigFaFa’s agents exemplify this.

BigFaFa: Humans only; No Robots Allowed

BigFaFa has a dedicated team of real-life agents available 24/7 – or so they claim. I was curious as to how accurate that selling point is, and I went to the site to see for myself. BigFaFa claims you can contact them through email, live chat, and phone calls, so I tried them all. First, I sent an email asking about the process of signing up to the site. I stated that it was my first time using an online casino and that the process was confusing to me. I got an email response within 24 hours, and it was obviously from a real person because it didn’t have the automated-response wall of text that is common with such sites. Not only was the response fast, but it was also friendly and concise, clearly detailing how to use the site in a way that anybody could understand. So far, so good. Next, I wanted to tackle the live chat and gauge its usefulness.

Now that I had signed up for the site, I would obviously want to take advantage of the sign-up bonuses, right? Well, as that concept is not always as straightforward to others as it may be for veterans of the online casino industry, it was a good idea to see how support would handle a customer that might not be as technologically inclined. I clicked on the option to start a chat with customer support, and within 30 seconds I was connected with an agent, Jim C. I gave the same story to him that I did in my email and explained that I didn’t understand how the bonuses worked. He wrote well, each response only took 10-20 seconds, and his grammar was impeccable. Jim walked me through the entire process, step-by-step until I confirmed that I had received the bonus and understood how it works. Thanks, Jim.

BigFaFa had been impressive up until this point with both fast and easy-to-understand support. However, any site can pay for a customer service team; an anonymous, faceless agent means that you could be dealing with someone from anywhere in the world. Time to have a voice chat. I called BigFaFa’s support number directly and waited for someone to pick up. Do you remember that popular YouTube video starring Jake from State Farm? Well, apparently he works at BigFaFa now, because whoever was on the other end of the line spoke with a clear, non-accented voice. I had him walk me through the process of withdrawing my funds and asked how soon I could expect to receive them. Everything I asked was answered with complete professionalism and I was never made to feel that any of my questions were too dumb or that I was stupid for asking. I hope they pay him well over there at BigFaFa, because he was kinder and more enthusiastic than 90% of the outsourced customer support that I am used to dealing with.

Final Thoughts on BigFaFa’s Customer Support

I must admit, when I first encountered BigFaFa, I was wary of the claims it makes about its customer support. Most of the time these agents are either bots, slow to respond, can’t explain things clearly, otherwise unpleasant, or some combination of all. This isn’t the case with BigFaFa. Instead, their agents are fast, flexible, and make the experience just as easy for newcomers to online casinos as it is fun. We’re left with a cycle of adoption that is experiencing a snowball effect: iGaming grows as more people join; others become interested upon seeing the growth and take a closer look into the industry for themselves; these people likewise join because expert customer support addresses any questions they have and makes it an accessible experience to everyone; repeat. BigFaFa is relatively new, but the fact that other, more established competitors would do well to follow their example means that they are leading the pack.