Furnace Cleaning Tips for Happy and Healthy Homes

Americans spend almost 90 percent of their time indoors, and much of that air is two to five times worse than outside. Furnace cleaning can make sure the air you breathe inside is healthier. Cleaning a furnace is easier than you think and better for you and your family!

Several cleaning tips for furnace cleaning include changing filters and duct cleaning. Doing these things will make the system run smoother with less chance of a breakdown?

Here are three furnace cleaning tips for your home.

1. Change Filters

As part of your air duct and furnace cleaning, changing your furnace filters every three months is essential. Filters become clogged and dirty, blocking air coming in and out of your furnace.

The air is full of dust, spores, and allergens, and your filter helps improve the air you breathe. Whether you suffer from constant or seasonal allergies, changing filters is essential.

Filters are relatively inexpensive, and you can install them without hiring a professional. Your HVAC system will not work as hard with clean filters, meaning higher efficiency and lower electric bills.

2. Regular Duct Cleaning

You should do a thorough furnace duct cleaning in your home every three to five years. You never know what might be lurking when you do your air duct and furnace cleaning! In addition to dust, rodents and insects can become trapped inside.

Mold and mildew can also get inside your ductwork, creating unpleasant smells in your home. Sometimes, your house could have a musty smell. A thorough furnace duct cleaning will leave your home smelling new again.

You can often do an air duct and furnace cleaning simultaneously.

3. Hire a Professional

Is cleaning a furnace beyond your ability? Don’t laugh. For many Americans, HVAC and gas furnace cleaning is something they would instead leave to the professionals.

There are plenty of advantages when you have an expert do gas furnace cleaning or air duct cleaning. You get experience and a licensed professional. Expert furnace cleaners also come to your home with the right tools and equipment.

When you hire an expert furnace cleaner for your home, they will come at the scheduled time and tackle the problem efficiently. If something is broken, they can make recommendations about how to fix any issues.

HVAC and furnaces are complicated! There are plenty of wires, nuts, bolts, and electrical panels that you might find difficult to maneuver. And if you break something, you will have to call a professional anyway.

Three Furnace Cleaning Tips for Your Home

Changing filters, duct cleaning, and hiring a professional are three furnace cleaning tips every homeowner should embrace. Spending just a few dollars will keep your HVAC or gas furnace in better working order. It will also give you peace of mind knowing your home is cleaner and safer.

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