As the old saying goes “You’ll never know if you’ll never go!” It goes with a great hotel. One cannot deny the wholesome experience of an incredible hotel. So, if you are deciding on traveling, you need to pick a hotel that makes your holiday a wow!!!

If you’re wondering why a great hotel and why not a normal hotel, you need to go through the below-mentioned benefits of the same.

First of all, a hotel that knows and respects the pleasure of comfort like the St. Regis Mumbai would unlock the opportunity for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Secondly, the appearance of the hotel and the interiors automatically make you feel royal once you enter from the door. One always feels delighted if the interiors are as good as the exteriors. Along with that space matters the most. A spacious hotel is always a go-to option.

Security is another privilege that just strikes me because I know the significance of your life. I know you are not alone; you have a whole family. Thus, your safety is our responsibility. You don’t have to worry about your belongings, as everything is under CCTV surveillance and even if you lose one or another item you can always check it out. Also, you will not always see security guards keeping an eye on you but you’re always monitored. Never forget that.

Moreover, a great hotel always treats the customer as a king and never wants to disappoint him/her. Therefore, it chooses its employees who are well aware of hospitality and later train them, so that no client faces any issues. They are kind and generous. They are always ready to serve the customers in the best way possible. I know you’re a midnight snack. Don’t you want to make the butterflies in your stomach go away? After all, who says no to 24/7 reception service? I mean it’s just a phone call away. Isn’t it?

Of course, one cannot deny the abilities of harmonious management. The key to your pleasure is the hardworking personnel. Don’t forget to thank them.

We all know how much a healthy sleep means to us. So, to ensure a wonderful sleep with all the good dreams and no nightmares, a great hotel selects the nicest bed and promises that bedding is comfortable. I know after a long day of fun, work, or whatever, one needs to rest in peace, which is taken care of by a hotel like St. Regis Mumbai. The beds are the coziest of all. Sleep like that, you’ll not even get to your home.

What makes a hotel more fruitful is if they are also able to fulfill your work needs. Many hotels help you organize formal meetings. They are well-equipped with essentials.

Along with this, occasional parties such as wedding ceremonies, engagement ceremonies, kitty parties are also handled well by great hotels.

What’s your idea of a favorite hotel blessing? For me, it’s a spacious car park. A car park has become essential because of all the jam-packed places and no place to park the car. What’s the plus point? It’s that they don’t even charge much for it. However, that doesn’t mean they compromise your car’s safety. Everything is carefully monitored.

Are you there to attend some function and your dress is all wrinkled? Just relax because like I said before, your comfort is our responsibility. You no longer have to worry about the laundry. Your clothes are in safe hands.

Want to take your girlfriend out for a night? Surprise her for Valentine’s day? You have come to the right place. A hotel is one of the best places to take her and have a candlelight dinner with. Even more surprisingly, hotels accommodate special services whereby you can style a place in a hotel, say the bedroom as per your requirements. Likewise, birthday parties are also taken into account.

The beautifully designed and well-packed room with all the amenities such as slippers, towels, coffee machines, Tv, side tables, a small-sized refrigerator, air conditioners, good quality toiletries is successful in engaging more customers and establishing profitable relationships with them. Don’t they? What do you think?

Along with an ultimate design of the bedroom, the view from the window boosts the customer satisfaction. And we all know that there is nothing more important than customer satisfaction. From my point of view, the view of nature is the best. Even a beautiful view of the whole city can’t beat the natural environment. Go green. After all, admiring nature is the best refreshment for a hectic day.

Since we all are living in the modern era, the internet has become a necessity. And a good internet facility can never be exaggerated. Hotels are very well aware of that and install Wi-Fi services that offer everyone in the hotel a good connection to the internet. Whether you are using a smartphone, iPhone, laptop, or any other gadget, you can get an amazing experience with this facility.

A swimming pool, a gymnasium hall, or a gaming area also adds up to the value a hotel is already providing. One can escape the stress and be a free spirit by indulging in such activities.

A great hotel knows what an amazingly delicious bite of food can do. Having toothsome food served a step away from your bed is just beyond words. What makes it more interesting is that some hotels have their own specially prepared dish that is worth a shot.

I read somewhere, “Germs are not for sharing”. Just like that, the hotel facility looks after your health and ensures that every nook and corner of the hotel is cleaned on a regular basis and the maintenance is also looked after.

Welcome and leaving gifts! Though not many of the hotels go for this one, yet it’s a nice gesture and helps in the brand advocating.

We all know how much we love blabbering. And one can never beat a promotion like a word of mouth.

 Enough of the boons, you got to check them out for yourself now. Every experience is different and wonderful. Don’t miss out on the golden chance. Make a plan. Go out. Have fun. You no longer have to wait, just decide on the place and make an online reservation.