Home Décor

Home décor has been open to interpretation for every person. There are some interior types that emerged in various regions due to the influence of the regional factors and became famous and won hearts. If you have been wondering how to incorporate a few of these themes into your home, then here are a few ways you can!

The Bohemian theme

If you like a carefree approach to the way you live your life, then this theme is the best to express it. The collections of all things eclectic, Bohemian theme are the epicenter of fun and freedom. You have complete control over the design and you don’t have to worry about matching design elements to make it work. It is great for people who like to live life on their own terms and love hanging out with friends and are social people. You can use watercolour painting ideas to decorate your walls and make them brighter and better!

The minimalistic muse

Minimalism is being adopted by a lot of people who wish to declutter their lives. The aim of this design is to keep only the items that are truly essential and get rid of the ones that are “extra” or add only a quotient of luxury. This approach works well with walls that are lighter and makes the space you are freeing up more open and bigger. The minimalist way avoids any wall hangings portraits or pictures and that is why getting the shade of the colour right is extremely important.

Country theme

A country-themed house essential combined simplicity with elegance. It makes use of the simpler things available in the market and combines them to create a warm and cozy home. For example, you will not see brass or gold fixtures in this type of house. You might see unfinished wood, Floral paintings, cotton curtains, cotton table cloths, and so on. The lighting will be restricted to the one on the table and there will not be more than 3 to 4 light fixtures. The art on the wall will be big and occupy more space than smaller frames spread across a wall.

Rustic theme

A rustic theme refers to the layout of the house when the indoors are inspired by the outdoors. You can enjoy the feeling of being out and about without actually doing so. The feeling of raw materials in their most basic form like wood, stones, bricks, and so on gives a rustic feel to your home. Rustic-themed walls are not perfect and often have unfinished or uneven paint. To give this theme a boost you can go for bedroom colours that give a weathered look, which makes it look rustic.

Retro era

One of the most influential eras in terms of music, the retro period is all about psychedelic art that encourages abstract shapes, pop of colours, and extraordinary patches amongst patches of ordinary colour. The use of flashy colours like pink, neon colours, orange, purple, and so on amidst grey, white, and black is a perfect example of the retro era.

These themes help bring out the architectural high points of your home and make it look better. These can help you create a look that you wish to curate. You can mix elements of all to create your own style.