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To comprehend the concept of a bench warrant, you must make sense of an arrest warrant. Bench warrants and arrest warrants serve the same objectives, and bench warrants are specific kinds of arrest warrants.

So, what is an arrest warrant?

An arrest warrant is a judge-signed order that allows an officer to bring a suspect into legal custody under approved “probable cause.” There are, of course, times when officers can arrest without a warrant, but arrest warrants are necessary for cases yet to be proven. As with other arrest warrants, bench warrants permit officers to bring someone into custody to answer to charges.

The bench warrant is specific to instances where the individual has violated court laws. You don’t need to be involved with a criminal case to receive one. One of the most common bench warrants is failing to appear on your court date.

A bench warrant is ordered to get you to show up. You are either taken into custody or released based on the judge’s discretion. If you still fail to show up after the bench warrant, the consequences can be severe.

If you think you’re facing a bench warrant, contact criminal defense attorneys at Spodek Law Group to get help. Here’s more information on how involving a criminal defense attorney can immensely help your situation.

What If I Miss My Court Date?

You may be charged penalties, lose your license, or be held in custody until a new court date has been established. After the judge finalizes the warrant with their signature, the officer can take you into custody.

Working with a qualified criminal defense attorney at Spodek Law Group, your bench warrant may be recalled. Depending on the severity of the charge, your ability to get out of the situation varies. Misdemeanors can be handled successfully by criminal attorneys, whereas felony charges may require you to appear in court for matters to be dealt with.

How Can Spodek Law Group Help?

Regardless of the specifics against you, you have a better chance of making the bench warrant go away by working with a criminal defense attorney who knows how to deal with such cases. The warrant is no longer in the system when you involve an attorney like those at Spodek Law Group. The judge will see that you’re taking responsibility by applying for a lawyer.

Instead of jail or penalties, hire an attorney at Spodek Law Group and get a surety bond placed on your warrant. This puts your case on record to take your contract out from the system. With that taken care of, your lawyer is now representing you in court, and you no longer risk immediate consequences.

Hire A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hire a qualified criminal defense lawyer at Spodek Law Group as soon as you determine that you have a bench warrant. Act proactively to ensure things work out in your favor. If you’re unsure if you have a warrant, check your local circuit court for information.