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Most people believe that sex is better in terms of connecting to your partner rather than some massages. They have the misconception that some kissing or maybe oral sex can better the understanding between the couple. But sex only completes the physical desire of an individual’s body rather than increasing the bond between them.

Tantric massage can be new to some people, and they may not know about its benefits and advantages in one’s life. However, you need not worry as we are going to understand all about tantric massage and the erotic massage mayfair in London.

Knowing The Meaning Of Tantric Massage

This is one of the types of body massages, but unlike the regular massages here, the main focus is on the sexual part or the sensitive part of one’s body like the penis and vulva. This is not new to the world as it has been practicing for a very long time now. The tantric massage was mainly popular in the region of Southeast Asia during ancient times.

You can call it erotic massage or nude massage, but it is considered sacred practice in some of the country’s ancient culture and has the reference in their holy books. Tantric massages are considered best for health, and also they are beneficial for one’s spiritual upliftment.

How Tantric Massage Benefits The Couples Chemistry?

Tantric massage is one of the best practices that have been done since ancient times by couples to help them understand each other. This strengthens the bond between them. It involves slowly massaging of  the sensual parts and playing slowly with each other to give pleasure and an erotic experience.

The orgasm or sex should not be the primary goal of this practice as here you are trying to connect on the deeper level of emotions, which is done by enjoying the erotic and sensual experience rather than just focusing on sex. erotic massage mayfair will help you better to complete physical desires of the body.

Types Of Tantric Massages

  • Lingam massage – the lingam here referred to as the male sensitive part penis, honoring and pleasuring the penis is the main aim of lingam massage. So the one receiving the message should be comfortable and in a relaxed position to get this massage. The giver should slowly and adequately massage the penis, apply some lubricant on the penis to make them feel more aroused, and this helps in pleasuring them in a better way.
  • Yoni massage – this is the massage given to the female sexual part called the vulva. The giver of this massage should make sure that the one receiving the massage is rested properly on the bed with knees up, legs wide open. You can do the warm-up massage to their body for a better experience, and don’t forget to breathe while taking the massage as it helps in arousal.
  • Breast massage – tantric breast massage focus on pleasuring the breast or nipple. Use the oil to lubricant the breast and slowly start massage by gently circling your fingers around their breast. When the body is warmed up, you can move upto the stage of forced movements by pinching their nipples or groping their breast hard to make them feel aroused and exotic.

Experience The Tantric Massage In Spa Centre’s

The spa and massage studio also have started giving erotic or nude massages to the people so that they can also experience the erotic and sensual feeling which they haven’t , due to any personal reasons. So If you are a single man or woman and have a stressful job in the big cities, you should try this once as it will reduce the tension of the day and helps your body to relax. This also fulfills the sexual desire of your body.

Metropolitan cities like New York and London have many spa studios and spa centers that provide the best experience of the tantric massages possible. For example, people of London can book the erotic massage mayfair center for the best first-time experience of tantric massages.  You can book any of the masseuses of your choice. You can call the masseuses in the hotel or to your residence according to your ease.

Why Is Tantric Massage Best In Arousing Sexual Desires?

Nowadays, people don’t have the time to enjoy the moment, and they want everything fast and quickly and even the sex. So they often rush into doing sex and focus on a faster orgasm and forgets to enjoy the pleasure of foreplay or erotic experience. Tantric massage aims at slow movements of playing with each other or pleasuring one another’s sensual parts to arouse and fulfill the sexual desires in a better way.

It teaches us to connect emotionally and helps us enjoy the erotic experience. Also make sure that you do not ruing the moment  by bounding it with the time.

Health Benefits Of Tantric Massages

  1. First of it all helps in the circulation of blood movements in the whole body by relaxing the nerves with the massage. Thus, it reduces the risks of disease caused by improper blood flow and keeps the body healthy.
  2. This practice is done in different positions that require the movement of every body part, thus making our body more flexible than usual, which is an advantage. Therefore, this practice is as good as exercising the body.
  3. Not only it fulfills the sexual desires of the person, but it also helps reduce the pain in the body. In addition, it also helps in healing the body at a significantly faster rate if you are suffering from any injury or pain.
  4. It reduces the stress in your life as this clears out all the thoughts in the brain and makes it relaxing and refreshing. Thus it has a positive impact on one metal’s health.
  5. It also helps in improving your quality of sleep and makes you feel energetic after you wake up.

After following this practice couple of times a week at home or at erotic massage mayfair spa, it is likely that you will remain fit. It strengthens the bond between the couples.