woman in active wear jogging by the bay
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Summer is a time of competition. During this season, the number of sports fans and events in tonybet.co.uk increases significantly. And summer is a time to start exercising too. Running is the best option if you want to get fitter and healthier. Here is what you should do to run in hot weather. 

Control Your Heart Rate

Running is a strain on the cardiovascular system. In the heat, the strain increases significantly. When running in the heat the average heart rate may increase by 10-15 beats, and this is okay.

Drink More

Drink more water. The average person should consume about two liters of water a day in normal conditions. A runner should drink more. If he runs in the heat, even more. Pretty simple arithmetic, but there is one “BUT”. Excessive hydration while running is also bad.

You have to have a measure for everything. During long races in the heat it is recommended to consume 100-200 ml of fluids every 15-20 minutes. And it can be not only water but also isotonic drinks. Even if there will be sources of water replenishment on the course, you should have your water with you depending on the length of the course, the total supply should vary as well.

Replenish Salt and Mineral Losses

During running, especially in the heat, we lose magnesium and other minerals with sweat. Losing it and not replenishing it in time risks cramps, fainting, weakness in the legs and the whole body. There is a high risk of dropping out of the course or a general slowing down of the pace of running.

Experienced athletes recommend the use of isotonic drinks, rehydration drinks, and liquid magnesium during competitions. Each of these elements has its pros and cons. For example, liquid magnesium is the fastest to absorb and gives the effect, but the ampoule takes up much space. And if we are talking about an ultra run, you need several of these ampoules, and they need somewhere to store them. Pills take up less space, but they can take a little longer to digest. Regidron is a creepy tasting drink, but it’s effective.

It is worth remembering that you should use them in moderation. It is also recommended to drink a course of medicines before the race that contain potassium and magnesium. It is also possible afterwards for a faster recovery.