PCR Test

Scheduling your PCR test in Sheffield is crucial if you want to be able to travel freely from the UK without putting other people at risk of catching the virus. Make sure you have a good idea of the different testing services available as well as their availability. This could help to save you a considerable amount of preparation in advance as well as avoiding having to change your travel plans at the last minute. 

When Should You Get a PCR Test?

Unlike a LFT, a coronavirus test is mainly used for individuals who experience symptoms of the virus since it requires a laboratory to examine the data, making them more precise. PCR tests can also be taken by people who do not have active covid symptoms in order to determine whether or not they have been infected with covid. 

 If you don’t experience any symptoms and require a PCR test in Sheffield for travel, this service is available to book online. In order to make an appointment, you will need to book online using the testing providers website. 

How Long Will You Have to Wait for Your Results?

The length of time for PCR testing changes depending on how fast the laboratory processes them. The average time is 24 hours; however, it might take up to 2 days depending on what kind of testing service you use as well as the different types of tests available in addition to their turnaround times. 

Private PCR tests typically take 48 to 72 hours to complete – although some offer same-day test results – if you require one for travel, purchase ahead of time to ensure it comes on time. It is also important to book the exact private testing that you want. For example, this could be a next day test or a test that gives you the result in 12 hours or under.

What Is the Cost of a PCR Test?

PCR tests costs can vary depending on what kind of PCR test you use as well as the prices available from the testing company. The prices of private tests will change depending on the type of test you require to take. The tests which can give you the fastest test outcome, will typically cost more than those which take 24 or 48 hours to come back. 

For PCR tests in Sheffield , prices normally start from around £35.

Where Can You Book a PCR Test Sheffield?

You can book your test online. Once you have made a booking you can then visit the testing site which is located at Doncaster Sheffield airport. Here your test will be conducted and your samples will be collected for analysis. Your results can be returned to you via email for convenience and also to ensure that you get your results quickly. 


The PCR test in Sheffield is key to keeping travel open as well as helping to ensure that travellers can continue to test regularly for coronavirus. These testing measures and systems have been put into place in order to ensure that the spread of the virus is restricted and reduced. 

Due to the current rules that are in place regarding travel and coronavirus, you are only allowed to use private testing services when you are travelling. This is because the government has approved and awarded contracts for private suppliers in order to provide travel tests for the travel industry.