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Dressing up does not only mean experimenting with clothes. It is also an opportunity to be imaginative, show your confidence, express yourself, and make a good impression. Fashion allows us to present our creativity to the world and has the power to attract people. It is one of the main aspects of our lives, giving shape to our personalities. With each passing day, fashion brings a change in our lives to keep it exciting and interesting.

Often girls have their closets full of clothes, but sometimes they become clueless about what to wear and when. Deciding outfits for different occasions is not an easy task. Feeling beautiful in our clothes brings happiness, but wearing appropriate clothes brings absolute joy. So, it is essential to dress up accordingly.

Finding out what suits you the best and is appropriate could be tough and challenging at times, so this style guide would make sure that you know how to wear clothes, elevating your overall look.


Dressing casually does not require time and thinking, but it can be complicated to choose an informal outfit despite being the most straightforward dress code. Our wardrobe is full of simple and casual clothes, but we are often unsure how to pair them. The actual question is, when should we dress up casually? You must be confused about an answer to that.

Casual is appropriate when you are going to attend friendly gatherings like a barbeque or a housewarming party. You can also dress casually when going to informal dinners at your friends or a cafe. We prefer being in our comfort zone while traveling, so casual clothes would work during the travel as well. Jeans, tees, and uppers come under a simple dress code. You can also opt for day dresses and skirts. You should prefer wearing breathable fabrics like linen and cotton. Sneakers are a good idea for footwear, and they would go perfectly with all of your casual outfits. Hence, a casual attire sounds great for casual gatherings as it neither looks overdressed nor underdressed.

 how to wear clothes


Smart casual, also called dressy casual, combines simple and stylish pieces like blazers, blouses, dress pants, and button-down shirts. This dress code is one step above casual and one step below formal. Pairing formal pieces with casual ones is the proper explanation of smart casual attire. For example, you can wear your favorite pair of high heels with denim or pair up a button-down shirt with a clean pair of sneakers.

Smart casual attire is a wonderful choice for a movie date or a night out with your friends unless you have an explicit dress code. If you are unsure about the dressy casual attire, then go for blouses and button-down shirts made of silk and pair them with your dark-colored jeans or dress pants. Do not wear cotton tees or T-shirts that have bold prints on them as they would look inappropriate. Dress pants are a smart pick for formal evenings but if you want to wear denim, choose dark-colored jeans without rips. Smart casuals also include jumpsuits unless they are way too formal or dressy. Cotton maxis and sundresses also give a refined and relaxed touch, which is also a great option. Avoid wearing shorts and trousers because they would make the outfit seem clumsy for the evening.


If you are an office-going woman or have ever had a professional meeting, you would know the struggle behind business dressing. Business attire has been the most difficult one to choose and style, especially today, because maintaining formality and fashion at the same time is not simple. This dress code promotes a formal style that appears to be sophisticated yet chic. It may be boring for men but for women, there are many ways to dress up in work-wear. Business attire should be worn if you are attending formal office meetings or professional interviews.

There are two types of business attire, casual business attire and formal business attire. Formal business is more decent and sophisticated, while casual business looks easy and relaxed. Dress pants and shirts are comparatively more comfortable than tight dresses and skirts, so dress pants with button-down shirts would work well if you go to the office daily. Business attire is also an ideal pick for job interviews. If you have an upcoming interview scheduled, then make sure you wear a slim-cut suit with a white shirt and kitten heels. If you are going to an after-hours work event, opt for cocktail business attire, including slim suits and formal short dresses. You can also try wearing pencil skirts with a button-down white shirt for a fancy yet elegant look. Avoid wearing sneakers or denim as they would add a casual touch to your outfit.


A semi-formal outfit is something fancier than business attire but less fancy than a black tie. Semi-formal is worn to weddings, proms, fine restaurants, and high-end parties. If you receive an invitation that says cocktail attire as the required dress code, know that you have various options. If you are still unsure how to dress up, calling the party’s host to get specific information would not hurt. Since this dress code lies somewhere between dressy casual and formal, you should be clear about it. There is a wide range of choices for feminine-semi-formal, so you do not have to worry if you are a woman.

Dressy suits, long dresses, and separates made of fine fabrics like silk, satin, etc., are categorized as semi-formal attire. If you are going to a wedding, Avoid wearing white as it would downstage the bride. You can also wear a cocktail dress to semi-formal parties. A dressy pantsuit with high heels and a beautiful neckpiece would also do the trick. For outdoor events, try wearing a long gown with a delicate jewelry set and stiletto heels. Formal silk separates paired up with dress pants and skirts is a good idea too. Do not wear anything too fitted or inappropriately short. Jeans would make you look poorly dressed, so avoid wearing them to such functions.


A black tie is a dress code for the most formal events. There are very few events with the black-tie dress code that gives us a chance to glam up from head to toe. Receiving an invite that mentions ‘black tie’ as a dress code is super exciting but a little intimidating at the same time. If you are invited to such a party, you must pick the most luxurious and elegant gown you have in your closet. Floor-length gowns are the best for black-tie occasions, whether they are full of shiny sequins, textured velvet, or strap-less.

If you are someone who loves to follow fashion and trends, then go for puffed sleeves and front-cut gowns with sterling neckpieces and earrings. Your makeup and hair should also be on point. If you plan on wearing a tail gown to the occasion, make sure the tail falls perfectly on the ground because it would seem unfitted if it does not. However you decide to style, you should be comfortable walking in it. For instance, longer dresses could make you trip, so carry them carefully. Do not wear bright colors as they are hard to clean and even harder to wear again.


We do not usually get white tie invitations as elite events like The Met Gala fall under the white tie dress code. They can also be extremely fancy weddings like the ones royal families have. The white tie dress code is like a king of formality, and it must be unexpected and surprising to see a white tie mentioned on an invitation card. It is the last level of all formal events, so choosing attire for such an event might prove to head-scratching. White tie occasions welcome guests of an elite caliber, so you should make sure to steal the show. As it is the most formal dress code, wear a grand ballgown with diamond or pearl jewelry. You also go for a floor-length gown made of elegant fabric with a tiara and white gloves. Adding on extras like gloves would add royalty to your attire. Do not wear semi-formal clothes or cocktail dresses. Avoid outfits above knees. Adding precious jewels will do the trick if you want to give a luxurious touch to your look.


It is essential for us to dress according to the occasion because we women want to look perfect from every aspect. If you find a person attractive, ask yourself, what is that one thing about their look that attracts you the most? Then work on yourself and look for it within yourself.

Style does not only portray our fashion sense, but it also expresses our personality, so make sure you dress in a manner that brings out the best in you. If you are looking for casual or formal wear, then read through the dress names mentioned to figure out which best suits your requirements according to the given description. Go now to Shewin’s official website to explore the many options available for each dress code type, as discussed above.