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It’s estimated that 1.5 million new homes have been built in the last ten years, that’s an average of 150,000 per year. While this may not seem a hugely significant number, it is very important if you are one of the people instructing a new build and taking ownership of a property that has been poorly constructed.

Of course, you can invoke the building and construction industry security of payment act to withhold funds and get the issues resolved. But, this involves a lot of hassle and you need to be aware of the signs that the property has been poorly constructed:


This is one of the biggest indications that your new home has not been finished to the proper specifications. In most cases, the leak is likely to come from a roof that hasn’t been properly fitted. However, a leak can also be a result of poor plumbing.

Unless you actually see dripping, the easiest way to spot a leak is to look at the walls, floors, and ceilings. Leaks, even those that have stopped, create a damp patch.

If you see one you’ll want to investigate further.

Don’t forget, a leak makes your home moist which is more attractive to pests, it also increases the likelihood of subsidence and wood rot, all of which can be serious issues for your home.

Cracks In Walls & Ceilings

Hairline cracks are normal as a building settles and the materials used start drying out. However, if you notice larger vertical or horizontal cracks then you may have a structural issue. This can be due to poor home construction, specifically not preparing the ground and foundation properly.

Swelling Wood

If you have wood panelling or any other visible wood in your home then you need to take a look at it to make sure it is not warped. Warped wood means that moisture has got into it. This could mean the wood hasn’t been properly treated. But, it is more likely to indicate an issue with the construction quality.

Sticking Doors & Windows

Check every door and window in the property. They should all open smoothly and close easily. Any door that is sticking suggests the frame has been installed incorrectly. There are many different causes so this, ranging from entranceways not made the right size to poor workmanship when fitting.

Heating & Ventilation

Make sure you turn on the heating, ventilation, and cooling systems to check they all work efficiently and effectively. If they don’t you’ll want them rectified as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Be careful and be ruthless when checking construction quality. You are paying good money for a property and it should be built to current standards. The time to get the issues sorted is before you sign off and pay in full, this gives you leverage to ensure the repairs are done to your satisfaction.

By being careful you can be assured that you will get a well-built home that will last you for years.