Kefir Grains

When the pandemic hit the world, people realised the need to take care of their health by eating the right kind of food. Over many months of isolation, they shifted from their usual routine of purchasing from physical stores to the online digital marketplace. Although choices are abundant in a big country like India, it is still hard to find the right quality product, especially online.

As people realised the importance of having strong immunity, kefir grains have grown in popularity over the last 18 months. But how can you be sure you have got good quality grains, particularly if you have never used them in the past?

Let us look at some options here.

The Kefir Grain Craze

Kefir grains ferment sugars in food products, just like how pickles and curd are fermented. The pickles fermentation process is known as wild fermentation, a traditional technique. However, Kefir fermentation is quite different in terms of production. These grains generate a higher range and rate of fermentation because they contain approximately 40-60 strains, while wild fermentation is done by just 1-2 strains. So kefir grain fermentation is more beneficial, and such food lasts longer.

The fermentation process is pretty straightforward, and you only need to follow the basic steps the supplier gives you. There is no need for bulky equipment. Most of the things you need are usually available in your kitchen.

How Beneficial are Kefir Grains?

The Benefits of drinking kefir are many. Most people may know of the basic advantages of using kefir drinks, like better digestion, reducing constipation, and bloating. But that is just the beginning. During fermenting, kefir grains infuse the source liquid (i.e. sugar water or milk) with billions of gut-friendly bacteria like lactobacillus, bifido and so on.

These organisms are essential to regulate our digestive system. They also boost our immunity; improve bowel movements and offers better sleep.

Many medical specialists prescribe a probiotic supplement for patients who suffer from gut problems. Some people get theirs through a pill over the counter. However, some medically processed tablets contain only 1-3 strands of good bacteria needed by our body. Such tablets typically don’t have the full spectrum of gut microbiome you need.

It is better to drink kefir water or kefir milk to replenish your gut colony than use loads of tablets.

Where to Buy It?

Now that you know kefir grains are good for you, you might wonder if there is a legit supplier of Kefir grain. Yes, there is. Kefirwala, based in India, has proven to be a reliable supplier of these grains for the last seven years. They provide the highest quality of grains and offer a one-year warranty on their product. They also offer a step-by-step user guide that helps you make great kefir at home every day.

So, there is no need to research more on the internet about how to make kefir.

The company ships across India and even offers ready to drink products within Bangalore. Check out their website if you want to get started in using kefir the right way.