Kelcy Warren was born in 1955 in the town of Gladewater, TX. Nestled in the eastern section of Texas, Gladewater was the field from which Warren would grow into a modern leader in the energy and entrepreneurial fields. His father worked at Sun Oil as a gauger and dit. digger, eventually transitioning into life as a field clerk. Warren said, “He was an amazing man.”

Now the CEO and Chairman at Energy Transfer, Kelcy Warren has taken time to share the lessons and insights that his father, and Warren’s own experience in the industry, have provided him.

Focusing on the role that natural gas and oil can play in conserving future energy needs, Warren took time out of his day to explore his industry in earnest. 

Energy Needs, the World, and You

At the time of this writing, fossil fuels derived from natural gas and oil provided more than 80% of the world’s energy. As the planet continues to grow in terms of population, its energy needs continue to rise along with it. With more than 3 billion people around the world living in energy poverty, it is easy to see why people like Kelcy Warren and the team at the World Health Organization are working to address this issue. 

The W.H.O. assesses that nearly four million people every single year will die from household pollution due to low-quality and potentially dangerous fuel. Warren points to a litany of issues as conducive to this dangerous outcome, including the global banking industry and its refusal to help developing countries acquire fossil fuel infrastructure. 

Kelcy Warren and the team at Energy Transfer have worked to export the most natural gas liquids out of any country or business, nearing roughly 20% of the total global natural gas liquid market.

Warren says, “We are proud that we can help these developing nations through our natural-gas export operations.”

Support for Diverse Energy 

While much of today’s focus has been on natural gas liquids, Warren and his team are more focused on a diverse array of potential energy solutions. Warren says of the recent demand for decreasing domestic supplies of fossil fuels, “There is a straightforward solution. Use existing fossil fuel resources to create new technologies.”

Warren is hopeful that new fossil fuel resources will lead to the continued “development and expansion of an extensive range of global energy resources.”

Underlying the focus on increasing fuel production is the understanding that pollution and carbon emissions must be offset at the same time.  Warren believes that this can be accomplished by increasing natural gas supplies while improving upon the overall lives of billions of individuals from around the globe.

Kelcy Warren says of his efforts and that of the United States industry, “These can be safely produced and sustained for decades, supporting our economy and the increasing demand for reliable energy around the world.”

A veteran of the oil and gas industries, Kelcy Warren has spent more than two decades on boards for SempGroup and CrossTex Energy, in addition to his efforts on the Arlington Branch at the University of Texas.

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