Living Writer

Struggling with the plotline and the flow within a story is not easy for any writer, professional or amateur. Word processing outlines and even correct sentence structure can be an enormously time-consuming task for any writer. Data processors and platforms until now did not speed up the process of writing. While any writer has a flow of ideas that come quickly, formatting and getting these ideas into useful and correct organizational styles makes writing that much more difficult.  

Living Writer has created an app that no other company provides that uses drag and drop features. This allows writers to move words and whole paragraphs from one section to another effortlessly. While this company has not reinvented the wheel, since storylines are all the same, with an enticing beginning, a mid-section of compelling content, and a significantly impressive finish, the app that Living Writer provides speeds up the process of correcting and editing any book or manuscript.  

It is no more scrolling back and forth, up and down, or rereading and rearranging nightmares. Writers can now start a novel or manuscript, edit and organize, and even publish with the click of a mouse using the provided dashboard.  

This fantastic application is unlike any other furnished by any other company, and to top it all off, there is a free trial involved. There is no commitment until a writer is satisfied that what is promised is indeed delivered. Smart text and auto-adjust features are also included, just as with any writing program, but the unique capacity to drag and drop is what saves writers hours upon hours of precious time.

Time is precious when writing; any novelist will tell you that. Time lost spent organizing and rearranging interrupts the creative flow, which all writers must keep going at all costs. 

Getting a manuscript ready for publishing leads to the ability to start the next great story, and quantity writing counts as much as quality since purchases can only be made when a manuscript is published!

No credit card is required either since Living Writer is sure each writer that tries this will be delighted. Satisfaction is guaranteed, and the benefits do not stop with the writing board as Living Writer does have a choice of light or dark modes from which to choose. 

Writers spend hundreds of hours in front of their screens, and the choice of background mode can make a significant difference in the comfort level of viewing their work.  

Story and plot lines generally follow a tried-and-true formula. Since Living Writer provides simultaneous viewing of all chapters and outlines, the guesswork of placement in a manuscript is taken out of the picture. The ebb and flow of any manuscript comes naturally without a lot of thought and redoing on an author’s part.  

Writing is enjoyable for an author, but the organization and flow can be unbearable. Living Writer has taken the tedium and dread of the process of writing out of the equation, allowing any author anywhere to quickly and effectively shift and change all aspects of a manuscript as many times as necessary. Writing is what authors want to do, and now the writing process has been improved dramatically by using the Living Writing App.  

Companion apps also exist, so any writer can take their work “on the go” and continue to write as the inspiration hits them. This is a serious app that has made the world of writing easier for anyone.