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If you are trying to grow your Instagram profile so you can be an IG influencer, you can get more followers, and you can make money by promoting products on your page, then you should consider using these steps to grow your number of Instagram followers! Although there is no set number of Instagram followers that you need to get the idyllic blue checkmark next to your name on your profile page, the higher the number, the better your chance is. Let’s see a few ways in which you can boost the number of your Instagram followers, draw more people to your page, get more likes on your post, and interact with other verified users who can help boost your online street cred!

Tips that you can use to boost your Instagram followers!

 Finish your Instagram bio and optimize your content

One of the best ways that you can begin getting more followers off the bat is by competing with your profile and optimizing your information. There is no point in having a profile picture, bit, and link to a webpage that is not relevant to your brand or your particular image. If you are trying to become a fitness influencer but your bio and your profile photo are not fitness-focused, then this will not strike confidence in your new followers.

Get published

Another way that you can bring more Instagram followers to your webpage is by getting published. If you find that you are a remote writer and you have been published in a travel magazine, consider adding this to the link section of your bio – this way, other travel influencers, travel bloggers, and IG travel gurus will be able to check out your profile, read your content, and give you a much-needed follow!

Be highly searchable online

If you want to become more searchable on your social media profiles, then you might need to focus your efforts on establishing an online presence. By boosting your online presence, increasing your ability to be searched and found by other people, and optimizing your webpage, you will increase your number of Instagram followers.

Engage with other followers

Another way that you can boost the number of Instagram followers you have on your social media pages is to engage with your current followers. People enjoy following pages that will interact with them – if you like a celebrity’s post, and they like your comment, this will give you a sense of satisfaction! If you always comment on someone’s post and they never like your comment, respond back to you, or comment on your posts, chances are you’ll unfollow them – avoid this mistake by always engaging with your followers!


If you are trying to grow your Instagram followers so you can get the much sought-after blue checkmark on your social media page, we recommend following these tips! Not only will you be able to get more likes on your posts, but you can engage with new followers, increase your web presence, and become more searchable to other users. Optimize your web page and your bio to increase the chances of you being found online!