Kids aren’t interested in anything but playing and having fun. They want to spend their time doing the things that make them happy, and that includes taking baths. If you have a kid, then you will know the importance of bathtime for them. They need it to unwind and relax after playing all day long. But how do you make bathtime fun for kids?

The reality is that bath time can be a little challenging for kids under 3 or so, or even tiring for those aged up to 7 or 8. Because they don’t really understand why they need to get wet or when it’s cold outside because of the monsoons and they have to bathe, making it difficult to get them into the bathroom. This could carry on as they grow up, leaving them unwilling to keep their bathing schedule. You can still make bathtime fun by introducing some new and different games or find some printed towels online with their favourite characters that help keep your kiddo entertained while also relaxing them at the same time. Here are some great ways on how you can make bath time fun for your kids!

Have A Pre-Shower Activity

Try to make your kiddo’s bathtime a little more fun by having a pre-shower activity. Now, you might be thinking, why would we want to add another activity to the bath? Well, having a pre-shower activity might not only make your kiddo a little happier, but it will also help to reduce their crying. Why would that be?

Well, when your kiddo is having a bath, they might be a little too excited about it. They might be getting a bit too scared by the prospect of getting soap or shampoo in their eyes while bathing[3] [4] , or they might just be confused by the whole experience. So, if you can have a pre-shower activity, like making a snack or reading a book, it might help to calm your kiddo down a little so that they don’t cry during the actual experience of having a bath. In fact, having a regular pre-shower ritual can also set your kids up for a bathing schedule, which will help in the long run.

Play With Water Toys

Kids love to play with water toys. There are a variety of toys available, including small playmats, rattle toys and bath sponges shaped like animals and characters. It’s important to pick toys that won’t be too heavy for them to hold, as well as toys that will keep their attention while they are in the water. Make sure to choose toys that have a variety of textures and colours, so that your baby can see and interact with all the different toys around them.

Play Music While Bathing

A great way to encourage bath time readiness is by playing music that kids will enjoy. Bathtime music can be a variety of things, including instrumental music, nature sounds, or songs that are familiar to the child. The right music can help create a cozy atmosphere and make bathtime fun for everyone. In addition to creating a pleasant environment, bathtime music can help calm and soothe the baby. It can also help the baby realize that he or she is in a safe place, reducing stress levels and helping with relaxation and sleep.

Make Use of Fun Kids Towels

Kids love to wash their own bodies, and they also love to feel clean, so it makes sense that they love to have their own towels. When you’re ready to start thinking about bath time, it’s a good idea to start stocking up on towels. After all, these are things your child will need more than once a day, whether they’re getting a bath or just playing in the tub. You can get small hand towels for their little hands, large bath towels for older kids, and even face towels for after their bath. Another good idea is to buy printed towels that feature their beloved cartoon or superhero characters. Some of the types of such towels can include Disney princesses, Marvel heroes or Minions on them.


Bathtime can be a little challenging for kiddos, but by following these steps, you can make bath time fun for your child. You can play with water toys, get them cartoon printed towels, and you can play music while bathing while also keeping them from crying while in the water. You can also make use of fun kids towels to keep your kid from having to use adult towels that are too big for them, giving them the added touch of personalisation and better personal hygiene. These are just a few ways on how you can make bathtime fun for your kid, so let them get clean and let them find a little joy in doing it. Check out the finest collection of kids towels on the SPACES website, where you can buy towels online in a variety of patterns and sizes.