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Cristiano Ronaldo has returned Training with Manchester United first team; Portugal forward was seen walking through the tunnel just before full-time in the match against Spurs this week. He made a statement on the Thursday, sayingthat’sometimes the excitement of the moment can get the most out of us’

Ronaldo was dropped by United for their 1-1 draw against Chelsea at the end of the weekend of Night Footballas punishment for not being an extra substitute in the last minute and also for leaving in the early part of the win last week against Tottenham

However, Erik Ten Hag as well as the Portugal forward have engaged in constant talks and there were no’showdown talks’ in Carrington the previous Tuesday.

Ten Hag’s main focus is making the squad ready to play on the Thursday’s Europa League group-stage clash with Sheriff Tiraspol at Old Trafford and Ronaldo is one of the players in that as is the captain Harry Maguire, Donny van de Beek, and Aaron Wan-Bissaka are also part of the team.

Ten Hag is convinced that Ronaldo is done with his sentence and is now ready to move forward with the entire group working together in the direction of the group.

Ronaldo says that sometimes the fervor of the moment makes the most of us.

Ronaldo issued a statement on Thursday that read: “As I’ve always done throughout my career, I’ve tried to play and behave respectfully to my coworkers as well as my opponents and coaches. This hasn’t changed. I’m not changing.

“I’m exactly the same individual and professional I’ve been for the last 20 years of playing professional football. Respect has always played an significant factor in my process of making decisions.

When I was a young player, the more experienced and senior players’ models were always important to me. Thus, in the years that followed I’ve always attempted to set an example for the younger players that have grown in every team I’ve been a part of.

“Unfortunately that’s not always the case and sometimes the fervor of the moment takes the best of us.

“Right right now, I think I must keep doing my best in Carrington as well as support my team members and be prepared for whatever comes up at any time. Accepting the pressure isn’t an choice. There was never a time to do that.

“This is Manchester United and united we must stand. Soon we’ll be together again.”

Cristiano Ronaldo has a way of making headlines however, his discontent can detract from the positive move towards the correct direction by Erik Ten Hag’s players.

Ronaldo who was a substitute for no reason and dissatisfied with the watch brief that he received after goals scored by Fred as well as Bruno Fernandes earned a deserved victory of 2-0 against Tottenham however, when United play at the highest level the frustrations of Ronaldo are not justified.

From beginning to end, United defeated a shaky Spurs team to task, showing their ongoing adapting to Ten Hag’s tactics by playing an attack like none that has been witnessed before at Old Trafford in memory, and even more so since the time that the Dutchman was appointed manager.

United’s 28 shots on goal was the highest number ever recorded by any team in the course of a Premier League match this season as well as the highest number Antonio Conte had ever conceded during his managerial career in the top leagues and, if it weren’t due to the amazing goals scored by Hugo Lloris, the scoreline would have been as powerful.

With Ronaldo in the stands against Liverpool, Arsenal and now Spurs and Spurs, matches United have gained more and more skill it’s clear that the club’s transition into life without him is well under process. The fury of his fans could only speed it up.

Only way to go is Ten Hag’s method’

Dutch football expert Marcel van der Kraan on Sky Sports News:

“I doubt it will be a calm discussion. We’ve witnessed before when it was in Holland when he had to deal with the stars of his team that he’d make sure that he was the one in the lead.

“He is also recognized as a leader who is steady, he’s never either up or down in any of his positions, and his discipline has always the same. That’s the reason he has achieved his success.

It’s only the second time in his career is he’s facing the acclaim that is Cristiano Ronaldo. Never before has this type of player been a threat to him. He claimed in the summer that Ronaldo was among his top players. If he’s healthy and healthy, he’ll always be available, he added.

“He was absent from pre-season, and Ten Hag was very obvious that this was crucial. There’s only one option and that’s the Erik Ten Hag method. This is the way it is going to happen today in the conversation.

“It was fascinating to note that he mentioned the night before that he’d tackle the issue the next day. The past, he has never shied away from facing someone. There was a well-known incident that occurred just one year ago that involved Noa Lang who is a Dutch international player, who was making a big noise during the big cup match.

Ten Hag walked off the bench , and made clearly that he was not recognized by him. He shouted at him from the touchline, in front of each television camera, so everyone could hear it , including those in the crowd behind the dugout. “I’m the judge in this game and it’s not your game, it’s the team’s game It’s a team game! The whole thing was heard. It also demonstrated that it’s all about teamwork.

“I expect Ronaldo not to be part of the squad at United unless there is big financial motives for the club to keep him on if they have to give him too much money to go.”

The same thing has happened before that Ronaldo has had to make earlier early exiles

Ronaldo has a record of walkouts since his return to the club in January of 2014.

The 37-year old was an uninvolved substitute in United’s 2-0 victory in the 2-0 win over Spurs on Wednesday. He was seen walking across the touchline and then up the tunnel during the final phases of the game.

In the course of this year, Ronaldo was also seen departing Old Trafford before the end of a 1-1 draw against Rayo Vallecano during the club’s final pre-season match in August.

In October of the previous year Ronaldo appeared to be seen marching in a tunnel on his own and was seen muttering in displeasure following a game in which United were held to a draw of 1-1 against Everton who Andros Townsend scored. He then copied the Portugal forward’s famous goal celebration.

What is the best way to resolve the Ronaldo situation be solved?

Portuguese expert in football Pedro Sepulveda tells Sky Sports News

“I believe it’s clear that there’s a need for rest and recuperation] for Cristiano Ronaldo as well as Erik Ten Hag. The team who work at Manchester United have to do something to ensure the future of the club.

“It’s impossible to sustain such a conflict in the remainder of the season, if United are determined for their goals.

“It’s evident that Ronaldo isn’t happy in his new home at Old Trafford and it’s obvious that Ten Hag isn’t doing well in the face of the pressure of winning against United while also having to deal with the additional stress of Ronaldo and being an athlete of his size in the bench.

“I don’t see Ronaldo going away from United during the winter period of transfer. We heard throughout the summer stories of Ronaldo was going for Germany and/or another soccer club from England and/or another one in Portugal.

“None of those stories have an established base, therefore, who would give an agreement for the person who created tension in the first two weeks in the year?

“I’m not saying Ronaldo is guilty because I’m not in agreement with the choices Ten Hag made , however Ronaldo isn’t coping effectively with the end to his playing career. There is a conflict that requires a solution, however it’s one that has to be resolved by the club and it’s one that is beyond the manager.

“Jorge Mendes needs to find a resolution for the situation but it’s not easy given the clubs and the projects that are available to him. United won’t want to sell him for a cheap price in January as his salary isn’t low.”