New CBD Drinks Trends

CBD has long been popular, with items ranging from oils to capsules. However, a swarm of businesses is now scrambling to make a quick buck in the industry. As a result, customers should be cautious whenever a ‘new and innovative’ cannabidiol product hits the market.

CBD water, a liquid infused with the cannabinoid, is one of the products making waves. It is, however, one of the dozens of options, and we look at the best CBD drinks in this guide and whether these items are worth your money in the first place.

Hot and New CBD Drinks Trends In 2022:

1.     Kleer CBD Water

Kleer CBD is a customer-focused company that strives to meet the needs of CBD enthusiasts. CBD-infused carbonated water is the newest addition to their beverage line-up. This is a one-of-a-kind drink that is highly beneficial to your health. They have collaborated with the industry’s most prominent CBD suppliers and experienced cannabinoid experts to create a one-of-a-kind product.

Kleer CBD employs emulsion technology to transform the thick oily raw material extracted from the cannabis plant into a water-soluble form. Kleer CBD water also has delta-8 in its contents, a chemical found in trace amounts in the cannabis plant.

However, since it occurs naturally in such small amounts, it is usually synthesized from CBD in commercial products. If you want, you can try Kleer CBD or other CBD vape pen for anxiety to regulate stress and anxiety levels. Furthermore, the beverage also has a distinct flavor profile appropriate for any time of day.

2.     Buddha Teas

Buddha Teas bills itself as producing teas for enlightenment. Even though the product name is buddha, they have nothing to do with Buddhism. They do, however, contain an aspect of it, primarily restoring the body’s harmony.

Buddha teas provide a fantastic variety of teas, making it ideal for anyone with refined taste. They are all intended to activate specific chakras, alluding to the spiritual aspects of the brand. The fact that they are CBD-infused is the best part about them.

This brand’s tea is made with only natural ingredients. However, it is even more enjoyable when combined with natural flavors. Additionally, the best thing about buddha teas is that they ship internationally and are extremely reasonably priced.

3.     Sweet Reason

Sweet Reasons crafted their CBD-infused drinks specifically for the two main reasons: to focus your attention during a hectic workday and to take the edge off and catch some sleep at night.

The bottles have a fancy appearance of sparkling water from a trendy cafe, but the contents inside are purpose-built. However, sweet reason divides its drinks into two categories: “AM” (a hemp and CBD blend) and “PM” (including calming herbs like chamomile and ashwagandha).

4.     Zolt Mixie Sticks

While they aren’t technically “beverages,” zolt’s mix sticks are a powder-based mix. When mixed with water, it creates CBD drinks for everything from starting your day to sleeping like a baby.

Such product is available in hemp CBD isolate (20 mg), full-spectrum hemp (with trace legal amounts of THC), and non-hemp varieties. This gives you a chance to choose whether you want a more balanced midday focus with hemp CBD, or if you don’t like the feeling, switch to purely adaptogen powders with ingredients like collagen and melatonin for bedtime.

Additionally, zolt mix sticks allow you to mix it up in your way, and they come in a variety of packs which makes it suitable for those who aren’t sure which flavor or focus area you want to try.

5.     Miraflora

Finding an effective CBD drink low in calories and holds a delicious taste can be difficult.  Miraflora’s Sports+ sparkling beverage combines the best of both worlds, containing full-spectrum CBD with some essential recovery ingredients.

Miraflora has you covered for morning workout enthusiasts and athletes who don’t want to drink something that will make them tired. It’s not only infused with 35 mg of CBD extract, but it’s also loaded with amino acids, coconut water, hydrating electrolytes, and antioxidants, which are essential for helping you spring back for your next workout.

It’s also a refreshing post-workout beverage, thanks to coconut water, which makes it a lighter and lower-calorie alternative to heavy protein shakes.

6.     Mad Tasty

Mad Tasty, founded by Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, is a low-calorie and hydrating CBD beverage. mad tasty contains 20mg of broad-spectrum hemp extract in each can and has no sugar, ideal for relaxation and hydration. Additionally, mad delicious is available in various flavors, including unicorn tears, watermelon kiwi, and yuzu citrus. 

7.     Wynk

Wynk is the perfect drink for anyone looking for a chill and relaxed buzz without a hangover. Wynk’s 8.4-ounce can contain a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD and zero calories. With fun flavors like black cherry fizz and juicy mango, this beverage is an excellent replacement for canned alcoholic cocktails, which can be high in sugar and calories.



CBD has slowly but steadily made its way into our lives for many good reasons. Because of their remarkable soothing and relaxing effects, these hot wellness ingredients have become the main star in many bath bombs, more about koi gummies, and health remedies.

If you’re not into vapes or edibles, these CBD-infused drinks are a good alternative. They’re also a convenient option for on-the-go. According to experts, this is the safest way to supplement CBD; however, it’s essential to confirm with your doctor first before using it.