Learning has been an essential part of man’s origin. Learning has lead to the rise of man’s revolution, and till date, it is. Non-fiction books are essential for every man on this planet. They get to learn new things; be it a new language, new skill, or basic things, non-fiction books are always there to help people learn. SFNONFICTIONBOOKS is the home of creative authors and avid readers. Searching for contents to upgrade your skill, or need to learn about something? SF Nonfiction Books has a wide range of book to assist readers learn what they want.

There are different kinds of book you can find on their website, and anyone can purchase them from the website and get the download link directly to their email.

For Authors

The doors of SF Nonfiction Books website is open to authors that wants to make money online from selling their digital contents online. They offer SF Nonfiction Books offers different services for authors such as:

  • Manuscript editing – The Help Authors edit their manuscripts to be topnotch. This includes grammar editing, proofreading, sentence restructure, and improvements. It is always different fir authors to spot every error they made while writing the manuscripts, so the need for an editor is essential, to be able to spot all those errors the writer could not notice.

  • Book formatting – After writing and editing your manuscript, then next step is to format the book. Depending on the format you want it, it is advised to format your book with the aid of a professional. Book can be formatted in different versions such as pdf, kindle, ePub, mobi and several other formats.

  • Cover creation – Book cover is an important aspect of book creation. It is the visual aspect of your ebook and should be appealing. The cover carries the title, author name and graphic image that represent the ebook.

  • Author website creation – As a author, an online presence is important. You are your brand, and people that love your work would want to get in touch with you, and also buy your other books. You can make this possible for your fans by having a website, so your fans can easily navigate and find your books. SF Nonfiction Book can help authors create their own websites where they can showcase their books to the world.
  • Publishing coaching – Those interested on learning how to publish their book have the opportunity to learn from experts.

Authors also have the opportunity to request their books be published on other platforms such as Nook, Amazon kindle, Apple iBook and Google books. However, SF Nonfiction Books would not be able assist you if you have issues with your books, as they are the responsibilities of the third party.

For Readers

Readers have the opportunity to buy any nonfiction book of their choice directly from SFNonfiction Books website. Be it self-help book, How to books, tips and tricks or even problem solving books are available. The user can pay directly on the website and get the download link instantly in their email. These books have different formats, and readers can choose to download in their preferred format.

For Affiliate

SF Nonfiction Books all does affiliate programs for those who want to promote their books. Affiliates are paid commissions on every sale made from their affiliate links. Affiliates can create their account from their Ejunkie website to get their affiliate links. Affiliate would need to connect their PayPal account so as to enable them to receive payments. The good thing about this affiliate program is even if people did not buy through the link on their first visit, the cookies is saved on their computer, and affiliates would still be paid if the user buys any book within six months. Affiliate makes a whopping sum of 50% of any sales made through their affiliate links. Payments are only made through PayPal, and are done at the end of the month. This means, whatever you earn in January would be paid at the end of February.

About SF Nonfiction Books

SF Nonfiction Books is the home for readers and writers of Indie Nonfiction book. They provide an online platform for authors to showcase their creative masterpieces, and earn from it, as well as giving readers a gateway to buy premium ebooks at an affordable rate. They are currently giving 50% discounts on all of their books. Users are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity. To learn more about SF nonfiction Books, please visit their website.