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If you are here, reading this, I am sure you have organized a party at home. A standard rule of parties is, the better the drinks, the more successful the party will be.

So, you might be the host or you are the one being hosted, whatever the case, you just cannot miss out on trying most of these drinks if not all.

When speaking about the recipe of drinks, the ingredients play a big role in the composition. Below, we have rounded up 7 must-have drinks or must-try drinks at parties.

1.Red Sangria

A must-have for all the get-togethers, the Red Sangria is first on our list. This drink is easy to prepare, with very limited ingredients. However, this drink needs to be prepared the night before, so that the flavors can seep in.  

Sangria is basically a mixed drink and plus, the procedure to make it is also very easy. Take a pitcher, add 750 ml of merlot, and cups of orange liqueur and brandy each. Add a cup of sugar as well. Stir under the sugar until dissolved. Post that, 3 cups of soda or sparkling water and serve it with ice and fruits. If you haven’t yet bought the ingredients, you must check out for soda and sparkling water.

2.French 75

This drink holds historic significance as it was created back at Harry’s New York Bar, located in Paris France, dating back to WW1.

Take a shaker, fill it about 3/4ths with ice. Then add ¾ of an ounce of gin, and a tablespoon of sugar syrup and lemon juice. Shake and serve with champagne. The gin present in the drink brings in a strong kick that most people tend to enjoy.

3.Moscow Mule

I don’t know what is more exciting about this drink, its refreshing taste, or the copper mule it is prepared in. A little bit of both, I guess.

Take a copper mug and add 4 cups of ginger beer, 2/3rd cup of lime juice, and one cup of vodka. Mix it, and you are all set to serve it. For best taste, serve with ice, in copper mugs. Add lime slices, if needed.

4.Chocolate Martini

We all love martinis, and when you add a twist to that of chocolate, people are sure to become awestruck with this desert cum beverage combination. This drink is prepared first in a martini glass itself.

So, rim the glass with chocolate syrup and then add ice to the glass. After that, you need to take a mixer jar and add cream, vodka, chocolate liqueur and crème de cacao. One and a half cups of each. Mix and stir them all well. Serve in the iced martini glass.

5.Spiked Lemonade

Homemade lemonades are great but adding a pinch of vodka and rum makes things even better. Take your homemade lemonade and add a cup of light rum or vodka.

If you want both, add half a cup of each. Homemade lemonade should be 2 quarters of the total serving. Like lemonades, these spiked lemonades can also be served with lime slices.

6.Bloody Mary

One of the most popular drinks, Bloody Mary has seen many recipes over the years, with the basis of the drink remaining intact. Today we will discuss one such recipe.

Like Chocolate Martini, you prepare the glass first in this recipe. Take a tall glass, and rim it up with celery salt, add ice to the prepared glass as well. Now you take a pitcher, add 2 ounces of vodka, one cup of tomato juice, one and a half tablespoon of lemon juice, ¾ tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce, half tablespoon horseradish, and your preferred salts, to taste. We like to add pepper and celery salts. Mix well, and serve cold.

7.Fresh Lime Margaritas

Margarita is the go-to drink for most people globally. Take a pitcher, combine half a cup tequila, triple Sec, one-fourth cups of lemon juice and lime juice, and two tablespoons of superfine sugar.

After that, stir until the sugar is dissolved. Prepare the margarita glasses the way they are, with salt and lime wedges. Serve it over crushed ice.

These drinks are sure to rock and roll over the party. Just add these drinks to the menu and you are good to go!