Rock a Cuban

The trend for men’s jewelry is only climbing, and learning what is in style will help you stay on top of this trend. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago, men’s chains weren’t all the rage, but as fashion is evolving in the 21st century, we are seeing history repeat itself from long ago.

During the time of ancient civilizations, the Greeks, Romans, and Persians all used jewelry as a sign of status and wealth. Because materials of gold and silver showed you had money and influence, men often wore chains to show their social class. This trend continued on into the middle ages where jewelry was passed down in generations of families. The trend then faded in the industrial era when wearing chains in mines and factories became inconvenient working with machinery. Now, in the shift of the work life of the 2000s, men wearing luxurious jewelry has become a powerful statement for personal expression, and is only gaining more popularity as time goes on. One chain in particular has been a classic staple for men’s jewelry and that is the Cuban chain. The Cuban chain has been worn by many artists and much inspired by the hip-hop style in the 20th century to now. They are one of the most versatile chains for men because they come in a variety of gold and silver styles. With that being said, there are many ways to rock a cuban chain in the winter that fits your style. Learn what works for you so you can wear your Cuban chain even in the winter months.

 Wear a Turtleneck

Although there can be some debate on whether you should wear a necklace with a turtleneck, it’s all about what chain you use that can make all of the difference. With a turtleneck you want to try and wear a cuban chain that is a little longer, so it doesn’t hug your neck along with the sweater. Cuban link chains will be the perfect fit for you and definitely will match great.Wearing a longer chain can fill out the empty space from neck to torso instead of making the neckline too busy.

Rock it With a Coat

If you live in a state where it gets pretty cold in the winter, coats tend to be inevitable. However, that does not mean you can’t still wear your cuban chain to be seen by the masses. First, you will want to start out with a longer and thicker chain, especially if you are wearing it on the outside of your coat. Although you can wear it over your shirt or sweater with your coat unzipped, that may not be reasonable when the temperature is very cold. So you can wear a longer cuban chain on the outside of your coat, and if you are going somewhere where you will take your coat off, you can then have a shorter and less thick one underneath your coat to sport when you toss your coat to the side.

Wear With Other Jewelry

Adding other jewelry to the mix can complete the put together look you may be going for. If you want your Cuban chain to be the statement piece, then wearing other jewelry that compliments your chain without taking away from it is ideal. You can match your chain with some diamond stud earrings, a nice watch, and maybe a few rings to help complete the look, but not let the other jewelry pieces take away from your cuban chain. You want to shoot for a tasteful balance that draws people in from across the way but doesn’t overwhelm them by wearing all of your most flashy statement pieces at one time. However, if wearing all flashy jewelry is the look you want to go for, then by all means! It’s all about you showing off your style and personality to the people around you. Confidence is key to pulling off any look you desire.

Wear With a Pendant

If you are really wanting your Cuban chain to stand out, you can easily personalize your style by adding a custom pendant to your chain. If you are going for a little less of a subtle look, then adding a pendant can really draw people’s eyes to your jewelry. They can also help complete the look of wearing your cuban chain over your coat so your chain doesn’t get lost in the bulkiness of a winter coat.

Wear With a Bomber Jacket

If you are going for the layered look in the winter but don’t wantto wear a heavier winter coat, then a bomber jacket is perfect over a shirt or sweater. Complete the look with a cuban chain that can be as thin or thick as you want, and worn a little closer to the neckline. A five or seven millimeter Cuban chain can be a perfect width so that your chain isn’t too small to go unnoticed, but is big enough to show off your style and personality.

Winter Style

There are many ways to rock a Cuban chain in the winter, but a few ways are with a turtleneck, a winter coat, and with some other jewelry. You can even add your own custom pendant to make it stand out, or wear a simple cuban chain underneath a bomber jacket unzipped. Regardless, don’t be afraid to show off your style during those cold, winter months.