Setting Up Your Coffee Shop

Let’s face it. Americans love their coffee. The proof is in the fact of how many people drink it daily and how big coffee-related companies are a part of our economy. Every year, more and more coffee shops are popping up in communities all over the country. Since the public seemingly can’t get enough coffee, opening up a coffee shop of your own could be a great business opportunity. First, however, you need to ensure that your establishment stands out in a very crowded market. Part of that will be having a unique and inviting space for customers while also being clean and professional. Here are six tips for setting up your coffee shop. 

Start With a Concept

First things first. You need to know what your shop is going to be like. What makes it different from all the other options out there? If you don’t start apart from the crowd, you do not give customers a reason to choose you. There are many different avenues you can take. You can market yourself as a gourmet coffee shop specializing in rare and unique blends. You can also choose to focus on fast service for customers coming and going to work who are in a rush. Your coffee shop can be based on a country or culture, if you like. With so many people working remotely, you can also provide a coffee shop that caters to people who want to work on their laptops while sipping their lattes. The sky’s the limit. 

Exterior Storefront

It’s hard to find new customers at the best times, but even harder when you are just starting. You need to do everything you can to attract people to your shop. That includes making sure that your storefront and signage are enticing to people walking by and making it easy to identify your shop to those looking for it. You need a memorable and catchy name and a logo that accentuates what your coffee shop is all about. You should never have a storefront that is at odds with your concept. For example, if you are opening an old-style, comfortable coffee shop, having a nouveau chic storefront can be jarring for customers. 


There is a lot of equipment you need for a coffee shop, plus you might need more than normal depending on the concept you choose. When you plan your shop, make sure that you have a clear idea of where everything will go and fit within your confines. Brewing the proper coffee often means having the right equipment and products. If you don’t plan out your space properly for equipment, you might need to sacrifice and go with smaller products to make them fit. This can affect the quality of your coffee. 

Coffee Shop Layout

Once you get customers to enter your store, you need to ensure that you can provide them with a great experience. The layout and look of your shop will go a long way towards doing that. Your concept should follow through in everything a customer sees in the shop. That means the flooring, the decor, the furniture, and the ordering counter all must reflect that concept. Your layout should also consider the ease of walking through the shop. For example, you don’t want customers spilling their drinks because they are bumping into chairs on their way to sit down. 


When it comes to having your concept be consistent throughout the shop, do not forget about the dishes in and on which you serve your products. Your mugs and service plates should be in a style that reflects your concept. If your coffee shop is modern, you can have plain white plates and mugs with hard corners. A more traditional shop can have patterned china. If you are doing a fast-food concept, then disposable will work just fine. One great way to provide a fun experience for customers is to have branded bamboo coffee stirrers that reinforce your brand while preparing their drinks. 

Don’t Forget About WiFi

Unless you are going to market to Luddites strictly, it’s a given that your coffee shop should have wifi available for your customers. People like to be on their phones while they sit; they do work, chat with friends, and play games. Plus, if you have reliable wifi, customers will be more likely to take selfies at your establishment and post them on Instagram or Snapchat. This provides you with extra marketing that doesn’t cost a thing. Ensure that your wifi covers your entire store and allows for the speeds needed to support as many people as you can fit into your shop. 

Setting up a coffee shop is an exciting endeavor. You can enjoy it while making money and working for yourself if you love coffee. A coffee shop is recession-proof since people will want it to get through the day. Make sure your shop is perfect for customers.