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Since more states legalize marijuana for recreational use, the demand for fashionable methods to consume it has never been higher. You don’t have to browse through head shop displays looking for cheap, faded, and malfunctioning items any longer. 

There are countless possibilities available currently. Shops, designers, and manufacturers of all kinds are catching on to the market for elegant and functional marijuana accessories, creating accessories for both cannabis enthusiasts and casual smokers.

This is the beginning of a transformation in the world of weed accessories, which could one day equal the prevalence of drinking-inspired design. It’s liberating to be able to naturally incorporate marijuana into your everyday life in ways that feel real to you, to celebrate rather than hide your lifestyle, and possibly even to help remove the stigma that still exists. 

Stylish bongs

When you think of a bong, you may not be able to see your classic glass bong sit on your living room shelf, but to your surprise, one of the most popular objects of this character are bongs that look like vases, which makes them perfect for hiding in plain sight. 

There are more and more bong designs that allow you to use them as decorations too. There are ceramic ones that look exactly like new age vases, painted glass ones that give off a bohemian vibe, and even crystal ones that allow you to connect with every water, CBD, and THC particle with every hit you take.

Pretty ashtrays 

We know that maybe “pretty” can’t be used when talking about ashtrays, but with more and more people being interested in this useful decoration, companies have started bringing the prettiest ashtrays on the market. Stylish ashtrays come in every shape, size, and material. 

If you search a bit, you will definitely find your favorite style of ashtray design. That can be painted glass, painted ceramics, or big and heavy concrete ones. You will easily put your new smoking accessories into your home, as you can put them anywhere where you often sit to admire them and use them for your sessions.

Discreet stash boxes

If you’re keen on having your stash box around the living room to never forget where you put it, you’re in luck. There are endless options to choose from, starting from classic wooden boxes, to luxurious marble ones and high-tech self-locking ones too. 

These modern boxes are great to keep your weed because they’re specially made for that. Besides that, they look magnificent, so you can put them anywhere in your home as decorations. There are boxes that keep the smell from escaping the box, so if you’re worried that someone might find your weed, these are the perfect ones for you.

Appealing lighters

Lighters don’t have to be boring. If you’ve had enough of cheap lighters that stop working after a week and can’t stand the thought of buying another plastic lighter with some basic application on it, you’re in the right place. For you to upgrade your lighter game, you need to think long-term. 

There are infinite options for elegant and stylish lighters that you will appreciate more and try not to lose. The downside of these amazing lighters is that you will have to refill them with fluid every once in a while, for them to continue working as before. There are options for everyone, from metal ones to static table-top marble ones and beyond. 

Eye-catching grinders

Let’s be real, every grinder is a pretty grinder. No matter if you opt for a metallic one, wooden one, or any other material, grinders are a cannabis enthusiast’s best friend. So, even if you don’t like the look of your grinder, it’s been there for you every time you needed it.

Now is the time for an upgrade. There are literally countless grinders that come in every material, color, and theme to brighten up your smoking experience even more. Not only that, but if you had to hide your old grinder because it looked too much like, well a grinder, these new ones look just like regular circular boxes that can be put in your home as decor.

Final thoughts

No matter what your personal style and home decor style are, you will find smoking accessories that fit your needs and interior design too. There are countless options for weed connoisseurs to choose from to decorate their homes with. If you’re all about a certain vibe but want to stay discreet, it’s best to leave the marijuana leaves ashtrays in the shops and look for more subtle but pretty items. Whichever your choice, you simply can’t go wrong.