Soap Boxes

With Custom Boxes World UK, you get a chance to select from a huge variety of box designs according to your preferences. To show our commitment to excellence, we offer free 3D and flat samples. Besides, our biodegradable manufacturing material will surely earn you a reputation of eco-conscious brand and also help in enhancing sales.

Whether you deal in medicated soaps, beauty soaps, or toilet soaps, you are a wholesaler dealing in bulk, a small retailer targeting smaller customer group, or just deal in homemade herbal soaps as a hobby, you would certainly face a huge competition. Soaps and toiletries are among the basic necessities and their sale won’t go down even if the other industries re facing regression.

Although, the demand for basic necessities always remains on the upper side, the struggle for the manufacturers to stay in the market is also huge. There are innumerable brands in the market dealing in soaps of all sorts. When there are innumerable products o similar type pouring from the retail shelves, all of them claiming to be the best, the only thing that differentiates one from the other is their appearance i.e. the way they are presented.

Hence, the packaging is the main source of attracting the customers and retaining them. With well-designed and professionally printed soap packaging boxes, the customers are bound to think that if so much attention is paid merely to the packaging a lot more attention would have been paid to the product itself. Today’s retail experience is incomplete without a packaging box that represents a brand and provides a comprehensive, exciting box opening experience.

Custom Boxes World UK Offers an Array of Box Designs

Whether you are in need of wholesale soap packaging boxes or retail custom soap boxes, we have something to fit everyone’s needs. We have a huge variety of box designs available in our design catalogue. You can get them customized according to your taste and preference. You can also order die cut boxes which fit snugly and are tailor made to the specific dimensions of the soap. Besides, window cut boxes are always in demand. They offer better display and enhance the beauty of the product.

Moreover, you can get your home-made enchanting herbal soaps packed in boxes as exquisite as your soaps. Your custom soap boxes can also be made into handsome gift boxes with the addition of some accessories. For example, you can get them adorned with ribbons, laces, bows, etc. these special adornments add to the value of your soaps and make your loved ones feel special.

We Offer Free Mock Ups

We do not merely boast about the highest quality custom soap boxes; rather we also provide a proof of our claim. Custom Boxes World UK provides complementary 3D or flat samples of the packages. It helps you get a picture of your final expected custom box. Moreover, you can also order a physical sample of the soap packaging boxes. It gives you even a clearer idea of the final product. You can actually put your soap into this sample and check the precision of size and shape to make sure it provides a snug fit. Besides, it gives you the feel of the final coating and also allows you to make changes to the box design or printing pattern before pacing a final order with us. Physical sample also gives you a chance to check the quality of the manufacturing material.

Let’s Go Green with Our Eco Friendly Stock

Today’s market dynamics have changed significantly. The customer today is considerably learned and conscious of the impact he can make on his environment. Besides, an increasing global pressure on reducing the carbon footprints on earth has significantly changed the way most companies operate. This is why, the customers, as well as the manufacturers prefer the manufacturing material which is easy on the ecosystem. We always make sure that all the stock we utilize in making the custom packaging is readily degradable can be recycled and reused.  We provide all type of custom boxes on wholesale with free designing and shipment. Besides, we also offer recycled bux board and the eco kraft for making custom soap boxes. Using recycled or recyclable stock or your boxes help you earn goodwill among the customers, helping in increasing the sale and brand loyalty. Besides, it helps you earn ‘greener’ profit and you are able to play your role towards a better planet while doing a conscientious business.