Specifications of Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Predator is a Canadian firm specializing in developing and producing action sports helmets. Our design concept is to produce comfortable and safe helmets with simple, clean, and visually pleasant lines.

When you put on your custom motorcycle helmet, you’ll be inspired by a highly unique and personalized predator artwork that will ignite your inner demon! The predator helmet allows embracing moments of pace and passion. The colorful predator helmet with huge thick locks gives you the incomparable satisfaction of having this unique and safe helmet. Experienced artisans made these special, robust predator motorcycle helmets to suit all of your demands for enjoyment and protection.

The task is done by hand with sophisticated technology. These motorcycle helmets are protected with a UV-resistant high-performance lacquer. Every aspect has been meticulously considered and improved so that your helmet will remain relevant and indispensable to any motorcycle driver for many years.


Vibrant, Attractive Design: Our customized, long-lasting predator motorcycle helmets are created by experienced artisans to meet all of your demands regarding entertainment and defending yourself while riding. Furthermore, it will help you to stand in any gathering.

Incredible Protection: We don’t mess with our helmets’ structural stability; our helmet designs are linked to good-quality open-face foundations. The exterior casing, the shock-absorbing EPS liner, and the most vital comfort lining are all made of sturdy thermoplastic. These factors merge to give strong impact resistance that meets DOT safety regulations.

Visor Switch: Our predator motorcycle helmets have an adjustable visor switch and air circulation vents for pleasant face, appropriate aeration, and head coolness; also, the visor is not airtight, allowing airflow to aid oxygenation and ventilation all across the helmet.

Unequaled Quality: These motorcycle helmets are built of many layers of top-quality thermoplastic for high performance and strength due to advanced composite production techniques and meticulous craftsmanship.

Laser Light with Toggle Switch: The laser light is a unique and eye-catching element of our predator motorcycle helmets; it can be turned on and off with a minute button situated just below the laser on the helmet, somewhat boosting exposure at night, in fog, or smoke and attracting everyone by this feature.


  • Unique Design- custom-made and hand-painted by specialists, with striking patterns and incredibly aggressive aesthetics
  • Maximum Protection – strong impact resistance ensures the rider’s head is well protected.
  • Maximum Ventilation – good airflow allows for optimum ventilation, keeping you calm and cool even in warm temperatures.
  • High Stability – sturdy, long-enduring helmets composed of multiple thermoplastics.
  • Superb Detachable Visor – tinted visor that can be entirely retracted using a handy toggle button on the helmet side.
  • Attractive Laser Light is controlled by a simple on/off button just behind the laser beam.
  • Contented Fit – the size and fitting are tailored to ensure that each rider is comfortable on short and long rides.


  • Compatibility with action cameras.
  • Better visibility as compared to motorcycle helmets other than predator helmets..
  • Seventeen detachable, long-lasting, dense dreadlocks composed of foam rubber sheathing.
  • Double shield with a shock-absorbent layer.

Bottom line:

We have covered almost everything needed to understand the working and applications of predator motorcycle helmet. Now, it’s your call to get your hands on these fantastic items for your ease.