woman in blue scrub suit standing beside woman in white scrub suit
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The coronavirus pandemic changed how we think about healthcare workers forever, and while we did get to see just how hard these men and women work, many people also found the role they played extremely inspiring. When you pair that with the fact that the outbreak also changed a lot of other industries, leaving many people considering the need for a new career, it is only natural that there is a lot of interest at the moment in retraining as a nurse, after working in another field.

If you have been thinking about the possibility of starting a new career in nursing, here we are going to take a look at some of the reasons to do it, as well as some of your options when it comes to gaining your nursing qualifications and beginning your new career as quickly as possible.

A Career That’s in Demand

One thing that makes nursing an especially attractive career choice in the current climate is the fact that nurses are in demand, and this is the case everywhere. Wherever you want to live and work, if you can work as a nurse, opportunities should not be difficult to come by. Nursing is also ‘futureproof’ to some degree. This is because, while the healthcare industry is always changing and evolving, with the role of nurses changing with it, it is unlikely we will reach a point in our lifetimes where human nurses are no longer needed. No matter how much medical science and technology advances, the human factor will always need to be there when working with patients.

With job security being of greater concern than ever, there are some strong selling points for considering nursing as your new profession.

Almost Limitless Potential for Career Progression

Another plus side to choosing nursing as a change of career is the sheer amount of possibility there is once you are on the career path. While most nurses start out with similar qualifications, you can later consider all kinds of specialisms. There are people who go into managerial and leadership roles, nurses who specialize in informatics and research, and of course the more well-known specialisms like pediatric nurses, family nurse practitioners, and cancer nurses.

Many of these career paths are not only very interesting, but also highly sought after, and can be very well paid. In many fields of healthcare, senior nurses are beginning to take on many of the roles previously filled by GPs. This means that the work can become quite lucrative as you gain further experience and more advanced qualifications throughout your career.

Career Flexibility

A further thing to think about is that there are all kinds of places where nurses are needed. As well as the more obvious places like hospitals and clinics, nurses can work anywhere from cruise ships to prisons, college campuses to addiction treatment centers. This means that you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the environment you work in and who your patients are, as well as things like your working schedule. Part time work can often be an option too, which can be helpful for people with family commitments, as well as a good thing to have available if you choose to study part time for more advanced nursing qualifications further down the line.

Making a Difference

One reason to become a nurse which we haven’t talked about yet is often the most important for many people, and that is that it is a really rewarding job to do. As we saw during the pandemic, nurses of all disciplines were able to pitch in and help save lives, but it isn’t just under those kinds of extreme circumstances that nurses make a difference. Nurses play an important role in their communities in a lot of cases, but no matter who you are treating, providing healthcare is a job that matters.

Additionally, nurses who want to make a difference can be big contributors to humanitarian aid work, community outreach programs, and free clinics, which allows them to get involved in charitable work that can change lives.

Accelerated Programs for Non-Nurses

If you are now persuaded that nursing could be the right career change for you, you will be pleased to know that there are some great options for people looking to move out of a different profession and into the field. If you have an existing degree in another subject, you are likely to be eligible to undertake an intensive BSN program, like the accelerated BSN programs offered by Baylor University online. These programs offer a faster way to gain the BSN qualification, enabling non nurses to retrain and enter the field quickly. The courses themselves last between three and ten weeks, and then there is a requirement for a set number of hours of clinical experience, which the college will usually help you find a placement for.

If you are concerned about the length of time it may take to get into a new career, this can definitely be a boon.

Why Study for Your New Nursing Career Online?

While there are lots of reasons to become a nurse, what are some of the reasons to study for your nursing degree online? Online study has become more and more prevalent across all fields during the pandemic; however, in nursing, it was already a very popular way to achieve qualifications. It allows people to save money by studying from home, and to fit their studies around other commitments. With online nursing degrees just as well respected in the healthcare industry as any others, there is really no reason not to take advantage of these benefits.

As you can see, nursing can be a fantastic option as a second or even third career, and it has never been easier to find fast and flexible ways to learn, gain your qualifications, and get started on this interesting and rewarding career path. Why not look into online nursing courses that might suit your needs today?