Traditional Accessory

The jingling of bangles is a familiar sound for most people as we have grown up listening to it coming from our mothers wrists. It’s a sound that brings back fond memories of our childhood. Even as kids, all of us have at some point been obsessed with bangles and ethnic accessories. Bangles are some of the oldest accessories which date back to the Harappan culture, and have been worn for ages in a variety of materials, including wood, beads, glass, and even seashells, among others. They were the bling of the past which gradually evolved over time into a modernized version as bracelets.

This trinket has become a global phenomenon with more and more westerners adopting this style into their everyday use. The classic gold bangle design has evolved in tandem with women’s wardrobes and lifestyles, resulting in a more contemporary look. Naturally this has given rise to many beautiful gold bangle designs that have both modern and traditional options. They are versatile and can be used in so many ways either on your wrists or if you’re into high street fashion then along with clothes as well. They can be stacked and layered or worn solo and they will make your hands and outfit look stunning. We’ve got some of the latest styles right here, so check this out if you want to ace this trend!

Bootcamp Chic Bangle

If you are someone who likes to keep it simple and traditional but also have a strong sense of style, this is the perfect design for you! The Bootcamp Chic Gold Bangle is a high polish yellow gold bangle with multiple rectangular shaped motifs, each having four curved cuts at each edge. This is the perfect blend of classic and modern and is so versatile that you can just throw it on with a kurti or stack with other bangles on your western wear.

Twin Striped Gold Bangle

The Twin Striped Gold Bangle is made in yellow gold with an oval open-top design which has a fin-like pattern on both ends including black and white enamel work on it. This is perfect for working women as it is sleek and doesn’t look out of place. This will make dressing up for office all the more fun! With a neutral colored enamel, this will easily pair up with most of your everyday outfits.

Boot It Up Bangle

Adding a little bling never hurt anybody! With a more modernized look, this bangle has an open top with both ends having two elongated triangular motifs, both encrusted with white rhodium plated pave set diamonds. This delicate and dainty design can switch up your look from plain to glam in seconds, without burning a whole in your pocket. It can be worn in all types of occasions and events so you will never have to worry about not having the right accessory.

Retro Escape Diamond Bangle

Who said bangles have to look old and traditional? This design is the latest example of how you can take a classic concept and give it a touch of modern sophistication. Retro Escape Diamond Bangle has an open end with both ends broadening and are encrusted with white rhodium plated pave set diamonds and with rope-like structures at the end. This stylish piece is stunning and extravagant and will add shine and glamor to your look.

Birkin Babe Diamond Bangle

If you are looking for something more formal and lavish, you can stop your search right here as this design will give you just that. This is a polished yellow gold bangle with multiple triangular motifs, all encrusted with rhodium plated diamonds in a pave set running across the edge. Each motif has small round gold granule units set across one of the opposite edges. This is the perfect bold jewelry piece for your collection.

Now you know the latest bangle designs so go ahead and expand your jewelry collection. Flaunt these styles with panache and confidence, and you’ll soon be flooded with compliments!