Tennessee is the Best City

Tennessee is the perfect state to call home because there are so many entertainment and recreation alternatives there. The languid pace of the rural south meets urban living in Tennessee’s metropolis of Memphis. It’s a friendly community with a small-town feel, which makes it a great location to live. Memphis Houses for Sale cost roughly $220,000. Excellent schools can be found in East Memphis, Germantown, Midtown, and The Poplar Corridor in Memphis, which has a sizable public school system. Continue reading for 5 reasons why Tennessee is the best city in the South.


It’s safe to say that if it weren’t for one thing—the exorbitant cost of living—more individuals would invest in a home along the California coast. Many aesthetically pleasing places to live are out of reach due to affordability. We’ve ranked affordability as the top reason people are moving to Tennessee because it’s so beautiful and still a reasonable place to live and buy a home. Simply said, Tennessee offers more value for your money. Tennessee is the sixth cheapest state in the United States to live in. Tennessee is much cheaper than the majority of states in the US. The average cost of groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare in Tennessee actually rated significantly lower than the national average for each of the key indicators used to calculate the state’s composite ranking.


Simply put, Tennessee is a stunning state. There is no shortage of natural beauty in this region because of the Appalachian Mountains on its eastern boundary, the Mississippi River on its western border, and the lush, forested area in its middle. Tennessee communities have an abundance of green areas to support your family’s physical and mental welfare. Tennessee is the ideal state for any environment lover because of its state parks, conservation lands, and community gardens.


A state’s affordability does not automatically imply that its economy is robust. In contrast, research indicates that many of the states with the lowest cost of living experience problems with high unemployment, a hostile business climate, and a lack of economic stimulus. Large firms including FedEx Logistics, AllianceBernstein, and Mitsubishi Motors North America have chosen Tennessee as their home state, citing the state’s skilled workforce.


There’s a good reason why tourism is so important to Tennessee’s economy. Tennessee has a variety of entertainment options, including bars with live music, theme parks with rides, and outdoor activities. You should appreciate Tennessee if you enjoy Memphis soul, rock ‘n’ roll, country, or blues music. Memphis and Nashville are without a doubt centers for the production of music, but they are also places that take live music (and soul cuisine) extremely seriously. You’ll adore the live music scene in Tennessee’s well-known music cities if you enjoy honky tonks and saloons, jazz clubs, BBQ, and hot chicken. It is the perfect state to call home because there are so many entertainment and recreation alternatives there.


The renowned Jack Daniels Whiskey Distillery, where Tennessee whiskey was created, is located in Tennessee. It has a unique flavor all of its own. Today, the state is home to a number of small whiskey production facilities. The moonshine stills, bootleggers, and revenuers following them used to make the hills of Tennessee famous (or infamous). The idea of producing high-quality alcohol appears to be firmly ingrained in the state, albeit that may or may not have had less of an impact on the creation of Jack Daniels whiskey.