Dumpor quickly became a favorite Instagram story viewer. It was intriguing so I decided to give it another try. It can also cause serious damage to your reputation and safety.

What exactly is Dumpor?

Dumpor allows you to see private and anonymously any Instagram story. Dumpor allows you to see their followers and where they live. Dumpor allows you to find people within your local area. It boasts unrivalled privacy capabilities. We have zero logs policies. No data is stored on any of our servers.

Before downloading dumpor, please read our terms and conditions. Dumpor should be used responsibly. Send us an email if you have questions or find bugs.

How to Use it

Dumpor lets you look at Instas of friends while keeping them anonymous. Dumpor will allow you to conceal your identity online by clicking once.

Because we all know how dangerous it can be to stalk someone on social media, Dumpor has secured our servers with encryption. We are also against IP addresses and any information that could personally identify you (email addresses, phone numbers), unlike our competitors.

Why Is It Important?

People often want to track their ex-partners anonymously or spy on them. cities, neighbourhoods, etc.) so you don’t miss any family photographs.

Push notifications are sent to users that give real-time updates. This ensures that users never miss any important developments. The system pulls directly from the user’s phone book. This must be agreed to by the users.

When someone follows you back, users will receive push notifications immediately. It works in the same way as Tinder or Twitter notifications. It’s just like Tinder or Twitter notifications.


Dumpor is an anonymous and free Instagram viewer. It allows you to search Instagram by tag or location. Dumpor will let you view stories from the past 24 hours or save stories.

Notifying someone that they have been viewed is inappropriate in many cases. Get dumpor now to avoid missing any more stories.


Dumpor offers many useful features that may seem harmless when used by themselves, but can lead to serious problems. If you manually tag locations, however, usernames and photos are not revealed. If you post a photo from one location and take another, it is possible to tag multiple locations in your photos.

If misused maliciously, these tools can cause serious harm to users. Most people who use Instagram Stories are public.


Dumpor lets you anonymously view profiles, stories, and tagged posts.